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  1. I always had a feeling Evernote team was dead (example: it's still not possible to do a search with AND and OR conditions; can't do a search; in app that is full of data...), now it's obvious. Instead of "pay and you will get this great feature" they do "pay or we will make your life miserable". That's not how you do business, imo. Too bad there are no real alternatives that I know, currently.
  2. This is a joke. Could we please get (condition1 OR condition2) and condition3 not condition4 ? Any junior developer will be able to implement it. Every tool in this world have it since 1980. You are not improving anything, since, forever. Too bad there are no alternatives to Evernote currently. Being unable to perform a search. What a joke =\
  3. I am reading this. And I am happy about changing tags changes timestamp. Because a tag is a part of a note. I added tag = I changed post. Please auto-update the "changed" date. Now this is logical. I had to build my workflow around unlogical state as it was. I'll wait for few months to make sure Evernote are positive about this change, then I'll switch to good logical workflow.
  4. Thanks for the reply Jeff. If there's a chance user(me) can forget to take action that is relied upon to make system consistent, we can no longer rely on such system, it's worse than having no system at all. If someone will google it, here is my solution so far: I have switched from "done" tag to using text appendices to determine is task complete. Anywhere in Evernote interface (either in note text editor or in list of notes) I press Ctrl+Enter and task is marked as "Done" and hides itself. I'm using search queries like ENScript.exe showNotes /q "notebook:GTD -__Completed $W$"and simple AutoHotkey script to implement Ctrl+Enter functionality #IfWinactive, Evernote ^Enter:: Send {Ctrl up}{Enter}{Backspace} FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, dd MMM yyyy, HH:mm SendInput ^{End}{Enter}{Enter}__Completed on %CurrentDateTime%__{Esc} Send {Ctrl up} return#IfWinActive
  5. I am using Evernote as my GTD system, and when I complete a task, I mark it with tag "done". Now I want to search for all tasks that I completed today, I naturally search for "tag:done updated:day" but can't find anything because changing tags doesn't update "updated" timestamp. Which in my case it definitely should: I changed a part of a note - it's tag. It is an update! I understand there might be workflows where such otherwise logical common sense behavior would not be wanted. Can you please offer some solution, maybe a checkbox or settings.ini with "tags-change-updatetime=true"?
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