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  1. EDIT: I should have fully tested this before posting. It works in terms of links, but Evernote will not allow you to put the link in the note. It says the link cannot be accessed. You can create a hyperlink elsewhere, and probably by accessing the actual plaintext data of the note you want to edit, but Evernote will not allow you to do it. -------- This functionality is possible through the evernote:// protocol. I found this out by just typing "evernote://search/" in my web browser--it selected the search bar in Evernote. So then I typed some after that, and it put what I type in the search box! What you can do is enter your search query into a URL encoder (or know how to encode them). So, for example, the query: notebook:"paco42994's notebook" tag:"in progress"should come out looking like: notebook%3A%22paco42994%27s%20notebook%22%20tag%3A%22in%20progress%22It's a little annoying and looks weird, but it works. Just put "evernote://search/" at the beginning of that (not encoded) and it will become a search link. evernote://search/notebook%3A%22paco42994%27s%20notebook%22%20tag%3A%22in%20progress%22
  2. Good luck with both your midterms and your computer situation!
  3. I've tried it but unfortunately it doesn't work :/ to the best of my knowledge, the post-it note cam is only available on iOS right now, I have an iPad and a Galaxy S4. I think that's what the original announcement said, too. I'm curious, though, is it possible to print tags for Moleskin?
  4. I'm fairly certain you can deauthorize devices, which I'm assuming will log out the account the next time it tries to sync. I'm also pretty sure newer updates require your password when there is no internet connection, at least I remember reading that on the changelogs for Windows... This may not be too helpful, I'm on an iPad right now. I'll post again if I figure out how to deauthorize. But I wanted to offer what I could since you said it was time sensitive. Edit: That was actually pretty easy to find, so I'll just edit the post. Just go to https://www.evernote.com/AuthorizedServices.action and find the Mac, then click "Revoke Access." I'm not sure what Evernote for Mac will do with that, though.
  5. I am also interested in becoming an ambassador for Evernote, specifically as a student.
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