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  1. You don't need FF addon, just share with EN.
  2. wow! FF28... I hope you don't update it just for appearance concerns (I remember how I hated 29, fortunately fixed 2 days after the release) 'cause you're exposed to security issues.
  3. For the issue with Google site search you probably have an anti-ad or anti-track browser addon which block it (I had the problem with Ghostery).
  4. It works here. Set a bullet first and then the buttons are enabled. (EN app v7.06)
  5. You may have get something because I used the first method previously and the icon disappeared on updates. It didn't on the last update. I don't know why but I almost sure I pinned it differently.
  6. I noticed the same bug in the UI (in FF), I have ‰‰ everywhere. I noticed also that even if I sign out I can still use the clipper (and have no way to reconnect it) Uninstall and reinstall change nothing
  7. You should see the option at the top of the keyboard shortcuts.
  8. Any type of file can be attached to a note. However only some of them can be directly displayed by EN. Limitation is the size of file, depending of the account (25, 50 or 200mo). For template, just save it like any note. You can have a NB for them if you want, or a tag... when you need one you just have to duplicate the note (right-click / copy to NB...)
  9. Your phone won't sync with your mac but with EN's Web server. Login in the Android app and it will sync.
  10. Check this message (and the topic), it may help https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60185-web-clipper-6-for-firefox-beta/page-12#entry358670
  11. Yes is true... maybe. I mean, whenever I've had to look into someone else storage to find something I always felt lost, more or less. The fact is what seem us intuitive and logical is often a cognitive bias. So, I think the key, whatever the system you use, is to document your filling system. It is particulary true when you have to collab, share or transmit your infos, but even for a personnal use (do what I say, not what I do ). Maybe, however, this need is more important with tagging system (I feel so in any case).
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