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  1. You may have get something because I used the first method previously and the icon disappeared on updates. It didn't on the last update. I don't know why but I almost sure I pinned it differently.
  2. Your phone won't sync with your mac but with EN's Web server. Login in the Android app and it will sync.
  3. Yes is true... maybe. I mean, whenever I've had to look into someone else storage to find something I always felt lost, more or less. The fact is what seem us intuitive and logical is often a cognitive bias. So, I think the key, whatever the system you use, is to document your filling system. It is particulary true when you have to collab, share or transmit your infos, but even for a personnal use (do what I say, not what I do ). Maybe, however, this need is more important with tagging system (I feel so in any case).
  4. Ok, I didn't understand what you meant Kevin. There must be several ways to do that, it depends of what you want to do with notes. You can have one index note per book. You can use it as a summary and TOC for other notes relative to the book...and you can give this index notes thematic tags. Tags you can also organize with nested tags & hierarchy, or you can just use keywords at the beginning of the notes... the hardest thing IMO with EN is often to make a choice.
  5. Nested tags in the UI can help "visually" but structured tags make the hierarchy. - myBook -- myBook:ch1 -- myBook:ch2 ... if you want all note about the book -> tag:myBook* And you can use the "parent tag", myBook, for the book itself.
  6. Another workaround. You could define a tag for those notes, save a search on this tag, and optionally set this saved search as a shortcut. Edit: if you have a Android device you can display a widget list with this saved search (I love this widget!)
  7. Yes tags can be used as placeholder. YYou can define some tags for hierarchical navigation. I advice you give them a special character or number as a prefix so they get stick at the top of the list.
  8. +1 I don't consider myself as a power user but I need to trust in the future of a app before investing time with it and bend my needs and wants to its features. When features disappear, so my trust. I won't quit now but I actually get worried.
  9. An userstyle is a bunch of CSS rules that change how a particular website displays on your browser.
  10. For EN Web it may be possible with an userstyle.
  11. Maybe you can do an automation within your mailing client.
  12. There is a reminderOrder parameter (looking at an enex export, it seems to register the time when you set the reminder), but I don't know how to easily change it : the only way I see is to reset all reminders and set them in a new order.
  13. This filter will forward all mail incoming from calendar-notification. It needs to be more accurate. Furthermore, people may use gmail forward-filters for some other process... (you have to activate your calendar and evernote channels before this) In calendar : Create your recurring event like you do. You can add a specific keyword in description that will triggers the ifttt recipe. However it's optional, you can use a word from the event title for this. In Ifttt, go to the recipe page https://ifttt.com/recipes/175306-send-an-event-tagged-in-evernote-via-gmail I think the recipe is clear enought but here is a screenshot with details
  14. Well I didn't think too much about this, it's just an alternative for people who already use Ifttt recipes. But there are maybe some differences to take care about. - In gMail you can only set 20 filters to forwarding mails / you can copy Ifttt recipes and change searched terms as you want - with recipes you can email up to 5 adress at once (your EN mail included) - gmail process is more reliable and ponctual (ifttt recipe fires within 15min of starting time)
  15. I created one : https://ifttt.com/recipes/175306-send-an-event-tagged-in-evernote-via-gmail edit: tested, it works fine.
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