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  1. Hi, just to say that I've just been migrating to win10 where the same problem occurs. Shortcut changed, it works now ! thx.
  2. You don't need FF addon, just share with EN.
  3. Hi, it had been reported (search if you want to know more) It'll be fixed. To make it disappear I simply open Evernote.
  4. AFAIK these parameters are stored in the registry. Did you make something related to it lastly?
  5. Il me semble. C'est le comportement normal (idem sur étiquettes) Tu dois avoir une petite flèche devant "carnets de notes" (dans le panneau de gauche) pour déplier la liste des carnets.
  6. Quick search ; try ctrl-shift-f5
  7. I'm sure there is a shortcut (not documented) to do it, my EN display on 2 column whatever the kind of list. Someone (maybe JM) tell it month ago and I did it. I'll try to retrieve it tomorrow.
  8. Rigth-click in a blank space of the toolbar to customise it and add the audio button you want.
  9. I'm not personally bothered by this popup, I close and forget. But the style is very intrusive. And the content is... meaningless. "Go premium" only mean "pay" but it's not a pay-incentive, it's more a leave-incentive. People don't pay when they're asked to do. They pay when they see benefits. There is a confusion between the goal and the process here. The goal is to make people pay (and it's fair) but the process is to make them use EN more and more (and better) - with or without paid features. So the message should better be some kind of "how-to", use-cases and testimonials titles, leading to blog posts (or embed contents*, or shared notes), than this useless "give us money". edit: * like the "announces" entry in the left panel. There's maybe something to do with it, like make it unmovable for basic users and displaying tips... Some may complaint but at least it only appears while actively using the app, unlike popup windows.
  10. wow! FF28... I hope you don't update it just for appearance concerns (I remember how I hated 29, fortunately fixed 2 days after the release) 'cause you're exposed to security issues.
  11. It's the time left before you go back to 0% of your monthly usage (60MB in your case). Nothing is deleted or uninstalled.
  12. Don't know, I never print notes.
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