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Missing Attachment

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Hi, dlilly1976

This also happened to me with some of my PDF files in Evernote notes, and more than once!

I use Evernote 5.5.1 on an iMac with OS Mountain Lion.


Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the steps to get the problem, and probably I have more notes with missing files.

Apparently, the problem occurs when editing the file, in my case with preview.


Anybody know how to search for this kind of attached (or missing) files?

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Evernote maintains a note history of each note on its servers. Premium users can use this to recover prior versions, and you may be able to recover the attachment that way. Other than that, you should probably check in with a support request.

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Hi, jefito

I'm a premium user, and I can't recover the file from prior versions, even when I realized the problem after several days (and sync's).

Yesteday I have the another problem, and looking today in the activity register I found something that may be related to the problem:


  Version: Evernote Mac 5.5.1 (402628)
   Locale: es-AR
       OS: 10.8.5
   WebKit: 536.30.1
  WebCore: 536.30.2
Mac Model: iMac13,1
 CPU Type: Intel
CPU Count: 4
CPU Speed: 2.700000 GHz
      RAM: 8.000000 GB

2014-04-09 17:59:14 main [ENNoteAttachmentView] ERROR: Error getting file type for tooltip: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=256 "El archivo no ha podido abrirse." UserInfo=xxxxxxxxxx {NSUnderlyingError=0x123615730 "No se ha podido completar la operación (error OSStatus -2111)."}

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The earlier reply helped but didnt tell the full story

I am a premium member


Open the note where the attachment is lost

click Note from the tool bar

click note history.

You will see multiple earlier versions (evernote saves copies periodically).

i found mine with the earlier version;

they talke about export/import but found easier to save attachment and reattach to the current note

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Still have disappearing-attachment issues with MSExcel files March 2015.

Spreadsheets are "most likely to be continually updated" - remaining docs pretty much just sit there.

Issue occurs when working on a single machine over weekend - nothing to do with multiple open drafts on multiple machines.

Note history is better-than-nothing but recovery is pretty much "yesterday", latest revisions lost.

Better solution seems to be:

1.  Go to AppData/Evernote/Evernote/databases/attachments directory immediately upon discovery.

2.  Note "lost" file fails to appear.  However a .bak version does appear.  Copy it elsewhere & delete the ".bak" suffix, open with MSExcel to confirm integrity, resave & copy to EN.


Note most of my MSExcel work done on a machine running old EN ver, though I tolerate the new build on other machines.

Perhaps the issue is confined to old version, I haven't a clear-cut instance of lost attachment on identical machine running current version.

I suspect (from missing file in /attachments) that the issue relates to EN's processing of attachment revision from temporary /attachments file to its actual database.

It clearly does NOT relate to cross-machine sync, multiple instances, MSExcel hangs/crashes, machine crashes/power failures, shutdowns/restarts while open.  There's something else going on.


Issue is mercifully infrequent (perhaps bimonthly) and confined to working spreadsheets.

A likely related issue occurs 4x more frequently ~semimonthly:  versioning of spreadsheets (name altered to oldname[#].xlsx where "#" is chronological versioning done by EN.



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I have the same issue.  EN has been doing this for a few years, and frequently enough that I back up my Mind Maps to a Google Drive folder.  This isn't a 100% solid solution, but it does allow me to usually recover.  The problem is that I have to remember to do it, which I don't always.  The other problem is that this is a basic trust issue: "Evernote won't lose or corrupt your data."

EN once had a lot of promise, but I've become quite disenchanted with it over the past couple of years.  They seem to keep adding minor features I don't care about, but leaving bugs and ignoring their users' wants.  (I know that is subjective - I'm sure others love some of the newer features.)  The only thing that has kept me from moving back to OneNote (I switched from ON to EN at the end of 2008) is the effort involved to re-learn my workflows.  That and because I'm not sure OneNote won't have some of the same issues.

Last July might be my final subscription renewal.  I guess I'll give ON a re-try for the next couple of months & see how it works out.


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14 minutes ago, Erik Przekop said:

I back up my Mind Maps to a Google Drive folder.  This isn't a 100% solid solution, but it does allow me to usually recover.  The problem is that I have to remember to do it, which I don't always.

Backups are a good idea.  
I have mine scripted to run automatically; incremental daily and full weekly
There are also third party apps to automate the backup process; example Backupery

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Thanks, DTLow!

My OneNote experiment lasted around 3h.  The lack of search and sort coupled with a crippled Mac client mean that it is not really a viable alternative to EN for me.  I'll just have to find a workflow that does a better job for Mind Maps (I use XMind extensively).  I'll probably just start linking to copies on Drive instead of embedding them, since that feature is too buggy to rely on.

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