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  1. I was able to download the beta - I just searched for "Evernote Tasks Beta" and it was one of the top results. There is both a Windows and Mac version (I'm using Mac for this). That said, I still don't see where to interact with tasks, even though my "about" says it's "10.9.11-mac-ddl-beta (2476)". Hmm... more digging is needed...
  2. Thanks! That worked for me. I just tried it, and Segoe UI Emoji also works, and looks slightly better to my eyes. Problem solved. 🙂
  3. I just set up a Filterize summary note earlier this week, along almost identical lines: "Next" section = due on or before today, or tagged "next". "Soon" section = due in 2-7 days, or tagged "soon" "Eventually" section = due in > 7 days or no reminder/tag (but still in my "actions" notebook) It doesn't seem to update all that fast, though - I find that I have to click the "filterize" link and then sync to get it to update sometimes. Do you know of a way to set the update interval? Or do I maybe need to constrain the TOC or stack somehow so it doesn't look at all notes (I have > 12K notes spread across 20-ish notebooks). So far, I find it very valuable. I'm probably going to subscribe when the trial runs out. I still need to figure out how to have it create a daily log note for me so it's waiting each weekday morning...
  4. I find that I can indeed insert emoji in note titles, which looks great in a list of notes. It appears as a plan square in the title itself, though. Do I need to choose a specific font for titles to make this appear? (I'm currently using Georgia, but I only tried a couple of other ones.) For example, I can see something like this in the list views (side list, snippet, card, etc.): When I have the note open, though, I see this:
  5. Thanks, DTLow! My OneNote experiment lasted around 3h. The lack of search and sort coupled with a crippled Mac client mean that it is not really a viable alternative to EN for me. I'll just have to find a workflow that does a better job for Mind Maps (I use XMind extensively). I'll probably just start linking to copies on Drive instead of embedding them, since that feature is too buggy to rely on.
  6. I have the same issue. EN has been doing this for a few years, and frequently enough that I back up my Mind Maps to a Google Drive folder. This isn't a 100% solid solution, but it does allow me to usually recover. The problem is that I have to remember to do it, which I don't always. The other problem is that this is a basic trust issue: "Evernote won't lose or corrupt your data." EN once had a lot of promise, but I've become quite disenchanted with it over the past couple of years. They seem to keep adding minor features I don't care about, but leaving bugs and ignoring their users' wants. (I know that is subjective - I'm sure others love some of the newer features.) The only thing that has kept me from moving back to OneNote (I switched from ON to EN at the end of 2008) is the effort involved to re-learn my workflows. That and because I'm not sure OneNote won't have some of the same issues. Last July might be my final subscription renewal. I guess I'll give ON a re-try for the next couple of months & see how it works out.
  7. I find this to be a slippery topic. "Integration" could mean just about anything. To me, it would mean that I can embed a mind map in Evernote, edit it, and then save it back to Evernote. I can't think of a reason to link an Evernote note to a MindMap, but I can think of a lot of reasons to have searchable, editable mind maps in Evernote. This worked reasonably well for me using XMind on a Mac, but doesn't work on XMind for Windows right now. (XMind will happilly save a map, but opening it through Evernote creates a new copy of the map.) I also use MindMeister, but it's Evernote integration is nonexistent from my perspective.
  8. Command-V - which pastes an internal app link (evernote://) Command-K - which opens a web address link box AND THEN Command-V which pasts an external web note link (https://www.evernote.com/...) Thank you! That's not ideal, but I just tried it and it will work for me. I just can't link something to my own description - I have to use the link text == the linked note's title. That's Ok.
  9. Links do not paste as "evernote://" within Evernote for me. If I copy a link to page in Evernote Mac then paste it (cmd+k, cmd+v), it pastes as a http:// link, and opens a browser if you click it.
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