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Resize tables


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Hi, I'm new to the forums. I wanted to make the suggestion that Evernote make it possible to resize the width of tables after they've been made.


Often I find myself copying tables from one note to another, deleting a column and having the table look weird because the columns are now much wider than they need to be. I know it's a petty thing but it bugs me every time!


Apologies if this has been mentioned before or if this is completely the wrong place to make suggestions.

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Yep, this has been suggested before.

The forum is a fine place to make suggestions. You may not get Evernote feedback here, though. You can also open a support request.

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+1 for table resizing.


I really hope that this feature is coming soon. I don't understand why it's not in Evernote already. You could hardly call it a 'feature' anyway. I can't think of a program that allows you to insert tables without being change the layout after the table is inserted. I use tables all the time, only not in Evernote because the functionality is so prehistoric ...  :wacko:

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Although the Windows client does not offer the UI to control a lot of table formatting, it is possible to apply good formatting to them.


Evernote formatting is essentially HTML, the lingo of the web/

There is a great 3rd party site/tool for edititng the code directly:


"Evernote ENML Editor"


The site is easy to use - you need to register, this is good security - and can then play with the codes. I obtained a nice light gray on the table & cell border lines, which made it look so much better. I haven't tried width but table & column row control in ENML should be straightforward. For example <table width="100%" ...> or <table width="500px" ..  I'm sure the folks here can offer assistance if you need it. But as your using the Windows client I am going to assume you are on the ball already :-)

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That ping13 thing is nice, but a bit of a clunky workaround. I don’t want to have to give access to my EN pages to a third-party just so I can edit a table, or spend 10 minutes logging in, granting access, messing with HTML (and probably doing it wrong), logging out, revoking access, just to resize a column by a few points. And what if I’m not an HTML pro?


All I want — and all most people here want — is a simple way to edit tables within EN:

- Resize columns

- Add or delete rows or columns

- Add/change background colors and line colors (nice to have, but less important than the first two items).


This shouldn’t be hard. There are plenty of tools out there that can do this (GUI-level table editing of HTML tables), so why not in EN?



BTW, for easy initial styling of tables (coloring, line width, etc.) you can always create a table in Word and style it to your liking, then paste the table into EN. That’s a lot easier than messing with the HTML code. But again, once you build it you’re stuck with it; no resizing, no adding/removing of columns and rows, etc.
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