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  1. Thanks Jefito, sorry for not searching first, guess we can treat this as a +1 for the feature request then and hope it gets picked up.
  2. Hi, I'm new to the forums. I wanted to make the suggestion that Evernote make it possible to resize the width of tables after they've been made. Often I find myself copying tables from one note to another, deleting a column and having the table look weird because the columns are now much wider than they need to be. I know it's a petty thing but it bugs me every time! Apologies if this has been mentioned before or if this is completely the wrong place to make suggestions.
  3. I would also find it easier to scan through notes if they could be colour coded. A workaround feature for me would also be if you could make multiple levels of subfolders (ie. subfolders within subfolders). Maybe I'm just not used to using tags so much but they don't seem as intuitive to the way I use Evernote.
  4. +1 to requesting proper table editing in both desktop and mobile versions
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