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  1. Outlook also closes the individual Email window on an Escape key. It does not have any effect on the mail Outlook window. Evernote functionality is identical to Outlook in this respect. I like the Escape-to-close and would be sorely disappointed should it be removed. Alt-F4 is tedious.
  2. Hi Ed, I use the "ENML Editor" to edit the source behind the note. It is a web site that you grant permission to accss your evernote for a period of time, and then you can access the source . I'm a web developer so editing HTML is everyday. Might be tough for those not accustomed. I used ENML Editor speciically to achieve a lighter cell border in some tables. if that's a bit hardcore, I understand that creating in Word & pastinginto Evernote does the job. Cheers
  3. Reverting from to fixes this. Double click works consistently in that build. This is on a Win 10 Enterprise laptop. Edit: However, this brings back the bug that loses focus in a note. First time after you click into a note if you swap to another application window and then return, it has lost focus in the edit window. It sticks after that. So swapping one annoying UI bug for another. Edit 2: Version is the one to use. That build has neither bug : both the double-click issue, and the losing focus on first switch, don't occur. Edit 3 : Version stopped working for the first double click. now it also needs to be selected first. Yet I'm sure it worked when first installed, I teste dit.
  4. Cell borders don't change for me when I click into a cell. Tried it in a brand new table.
  5. Well this is odd. I don't see the problem when on my own laptop running Win7 Home Premium. Or on my desktop running Win7 Pro. Only on my work laptop running Win 10. Will try an older version of Evernote on the work lappie ...
  6. Hi, There's been a regression in the UI in Windows Evernote. Previously, when you double clicked a note in the note list, it would always open that note in a new window. In that acts the same as a single click. It focuses that entry in the note list, and displays the content in the individual note panel. Double-click only now works to open a new window, when the note is already the focused or selected note in the note list. Can you please restore the functionality of double-click acting consistently? Currently it is not consistent. Many thanks, David P.S. If it helps, my view is Side List for notes. I have Left Panel + Note List + Note Panel.
  7. Perfect! I had missed that little rectangle next to the Search bar with the different View options. Many thanks indeed.
  8. Hi, How do you get a view with : * Note List in Detailed view (no previews), and * Note Panel on right hand side (not underneath). This used to be easy with Ctrl-Shift-F5. Now it seems you can have one of the above but not both. Now I cannot find any way using Ctrl-F5, Ctrl-F6, Ctrl-F7 and all the other FN keys with Ctrl or Shift.
  9. Hi, Although the Windows client does not offer the UI to control a lot of table formatting, it is possible to apply good formatting to them. Evernote formatting is essentially HTML, the lingo of the web/ There is a great 3rd party site/tool for edititng the code directly: http://enml-editor.ping13.net/ "Evernote ENML Editor" The site is easy to use - you need to register, this is good security - and can then play with the codes. I obtained a nice light gray on the table & cell border lines, which made it look so much better. I haven't tried width but table & column row control in ENML should be straightforward. For example <table width="100%" ...> or <table width="500px" .. I'm sure the folks here can offer assistance if you need it. But as your using the Windows client I am going to assume you are on the ball already :-)
  10. Yes, same problem too. I have a page with many links with ampersands in the urls, and everytime the page is edited, all the links get another set of & added to them. At least, that seems to be the trigger for the problem. This was rapidly making Evernote unusable, but luckily I was able to go back to from oldapps.com That will teach me not to keep old versions of the installation file handy! (Unrelated issue: my evernote account won't log me in to the forum this week - no error is shown when I enter the right password, it just doesn't log me in. So I created a new account as an experiment, and that has worked. Can't imagine what is wrong with old account)
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