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Clipping from HTML Pages In The Hard Disk


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When I try to clip from a html page in my hard disk (not from the www) by Evernote Firefox clipper, it does not clip the article - it only asks to clip URL. Is this a bug - or is there any specific reason for this?

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Current reason I will use it now is that I will migrate all the pages saved in Firefox "Scrapbook" addon to Evernote. And there would be other needs to do so - its all up to imagination. I am using the desktop software - not the web interface.

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yes please implement. couple of handwriting note taking apps (like Nebo)  that display results in a local html file. Want to include them in my evernote. 

or just provide Nebo like funtionality in Evernote.. that would be best... but... not seeing anything close from Evernote



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On the Windows client, at least, you should be able to drag an HTML file into Evernote and have it be saved as a note. I haven't tested this thoroughly for gotchas, though.

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