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  1. When I try to clip a selection in this page with Evernote Firefox Plugin, I get "missing note title" error. Is this a bug - or would there be any interference with other plugins I have? I believe it is not a problem on my side - I can select anything I wish as a clip from Firefox. But at this page - no. http://www.forumotomobil.com/forum/otomobil-sozlugu/arizalar-nedenleri-ve-bakimlari-nasil-yapilir/msg28966/?PHPSESSID=e2642d143b94680306f8b531939ec59b#msg28966 Evernote , Firefox 24.0
  2. Current reason I will use it now is that I will migrate all the pages saved in Firefox "Scrapbook" addon to Evernote. And there would be other needs to do so - its all up to imagination. I am using the desktop software - not the web interface.
  3. When I try to clip from a html page in my hard disk (not from the www) by Evernote Firefox clipper, it does not clip the article - it only asks to clip URL. Is this a bug - or is there any specific reason for this?
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