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  1. feels weird... why would a simple notepad can do the trick but EN not..?
  2. where is the response from the evernote team ?????? brainstorming on more useless features instead of something simple that we need?
  3. Evernote suggest to post here... and has been for over 2 years ... and we waiting for a little stupid plugin ... i am done with evernote ... 100 useless features and a simple extension cant be produced .... WAKE UP ENteam!!!
  4. so .... now 2 years later... any response from evernote and a webclipper in sight??? Evernote team .. how many votes is enough ... your users need this!! come on ... I am waitning now for over a year...
  5. yes please implement. couple of handwriting note taking apps (like Nebo) that display results in a local html file. Want to include them in my evernote. or just provide Nebo like funtionality in Evernote.. that would be best... but... not seeing anything close from Evernote
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