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  1. How do I exclude evernote from greasemonkey (tampermonkey)? I have not done this.
  2. I had the same problem yesterday and today. This occurs when to type a note long time.
  3. Thanks. But in that way I have to open a new window (1) and to copy a title (2) and a bofy (3). It's inconvenient.
  4. Can I search keyword in title only? Can I find notes with two tags simultanously?
  5. When I print this note: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s241/sh/596750d4-2c01-4d98-b039-a1d40652494c/5af36fb06de1c7f70db72a8fd0de4d94 print from Web Beta: Evernote Web.pdf print from the shared view: Test print table.pdf
  6. I need copy some notes as a template. How can I do this? I have not found any action in a note to copy.
  7. I'm using Google Chrome too. And I can print a note now. But why don't I see borders of tables in a note when I print the note?
  8. PgUp and PgDown work incorrect when I go to the frame with text of note. I can scroll with a mouse only. This is inconvenient.
  9. I could add a tag in joined notebook in old version, but I can't do it in Beta.
  10. I would like to see Date updated in the list of snippets. This feature are made in Android version. This is logical when sorting by date updated.
  11. I need to see new updates of shared note or notebook. When I reload a page, home screen appears. This is inconvenient.
  12. Links like evernote:///view/... don't work. In the old version when I click on the note's link I go to an indicated note. And where is "Copy Note Link to Clipboard" context menu in Web Beta?
  13. I need go to info window first, then copy the source link, then open a new tab, paste the link. I would like to have 1 step instead of 4 steps.
  14. Install a web server on the local machine.
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