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  1. Dear jbignert, thank you for your answer. I am using Windows. So, the clipping works better in Mac, but still the clipped formula is hardly readable, since the brakets are not ok.
  2. Thank you for the link, Wern, but I absolutely do not want to export each formula I see first to PDF and then attach that to Evernote (I think that is the idea of that workflow). It is not my idea of a web-clipper and a notetaking programm to require this extra work.
  3. I want to clip Math pages with formulas into Evernote. The formulas are rendered by MathJax http://www.mathjax.org/demos/copy-and-paste/ and just disappear when I clip the article : ( This makes the Evernote completely useless for Math, Physics, Chemistry lectures which are available online and rendered with MathJax. I tried now the webclipper in Chrome and Firefox - both don't work.
  4. So how can I import html documents into Evernote such that they are fully displayed? The icon only is pretty useless to me. I have as well many html files I want to add to my notes.
  5. Yes, please implement this! Why can I clip from all over the internet, but my own html document is tough to get into my Notebook?
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