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iOS 5.4 note links (feature completion request)

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Evernote: Thank you for adding the ability to generate and share a public note link within ios clients.

I'd like to encourage you not to stop there but in line with the many previous requests, extend that to internal note links


As third party evernote clients can (Clever HD being a primary one).

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For those with a geek bent, the new feature would seem to expose the needed functionality.


As a reminder, here's the format:



There are a few permutations to the format, so for simplicity, this is constrained to the context that you're on your own ios device, in your own account, not in a shared notebook.


If we copy and paste the note link into another note we can edit the URL to get an internal one.


One might look like this:


If you remove the first part:


Your "shard" may be s2 or some higher number, but the point is everything before the unique GUID strings.

You want to copy the next chunk


from the sample above:




This is the Note's unique identifier, or GUID (Globally Unique ID)


Then look at (create one on the desktop and sync if needed) one of your existing notes with an internal Evernote link.  
       UserNumber^        ^Shard#


Whatever your number and shard, it should likely be consistent for all your notes.  Start the link with that prefix together.  

Now paste at the end, note's GUID from the shared link.


But paste it twice.  From the documentation link above we see that in this case we don't have a "client specific ID" so the spec says that the note ID is duplicated here.  If you don't the link won't be valid.


So instead of:



You have:



So putting it all together:





As a side benefit...  Remember recently when Evernote sent the first 1 million customers their customer number?


Take a look at the numeric string after "view":




That's your customer number.  The same one as they emailed you.

Now if you didn't get an email but were curious how many people signed up for Evernote before you did, you can look and see.


You can only see that in internal private note links.  You'll see that the customer number isn't revealed in public shared note links.


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Oh, and for convenience. Even without TextExpander support you can copy your internal note prefix into a Shortcut in your iphone/ipad Settings:general:keyboard:shortcuts.


Add a shortcut for something like ENlink and it will expand to your prefix:


...in our example.


Then you can just paste the GUID twice and you're there.


If it doesn't turn into a clickable think, you just select and copy the whole string, the tap the link button in the toolbar and paste it.

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Cool, it works :)

Would be better of course if there was simply an option to copy an internal link... ;)

One issue though - when you follow an internal link to a note - this note doesn't appear in recent notes. It's like it was never opened.

Edit: seems to be fixed now.

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Wow... So all this with the newly released IOS and new version of Evernote on the ipad?? There used to be a button i could click when pasting a note Link and now it looks like. I need to be a programmer to use internal note linking on my iPad!!! aaarrrrrrgh just when i was getting way more use out of Evernote. This severly limits the functionality of the program for me :( so disappointed!!!

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Unless your memory is better than mine, there was never a button in mobile clients for the internal note link.  Only the public sharing link.  So here we're just re-purposing that Copy Link button in the Share icon to get at missing functionality.  We haven't lost anything that used to be there.

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I guess I'm not sure I'd use a notebook for that.

You could add to your IFTTT recipe to add a specific tag.

Then Clever and Clever HD support a URL scheme to search with tag.



Then you'll get a search result list of all the IFTTT grabbed notes, regardless which notebook they're in.


Or get really specific with a crafted saved search.


Clever/CleverHD allows a URL scheme to bring up a list of your saved searches.



It could be as simple as your IFTTT notebook or something more specific.

It's a two or three tap process though.

Tap into whatever you're storing your URL in, tap the URL Scheme URL, tap the saved search

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This seems to work fine for just opening the notebooks. However, this won't open to a specific note. Even when I alter the note GUIDs it never opens to the specific note.  Is there any way to get directly to the note itself?  This is the link I tried (I hid my ID here)


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Normally that indicates a problem with the GUID.  Perhaps you've merged, moved or done something else to the note and changed it's GUID?  If you copy the share URL to clipboard and paste it in a note along side the one above, do the GUID's match?


and if you're in the desktop and Copy note link (of that note) from the Note menu, does it match the URL you constructed above?


FWIW, the process and the links still work as normal on Evernote here on my phone.

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In other words there is no an URL Scheme for Evernote, we can use?

What I want to do is to launch my Evernote App from a button I hace created. So when I click on the button, my Evernote App should launch on my device. For that, I need an URL Scheme for Evernote. 

I don't know what to do. 

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Thank you so much - that worked for me. Please note that you MUST have the final slash / at the end or it will not work -


evernote:///view/xxxxxxxx/s356/2aa183eb-ba8a-4efb-ac26-af5efcd34966/d0301d9ad3ac02e7032f0402c0ca8302  (did not work)
evernote:///view/xxxxxxxx/s356/2aa183eb-ba8a-4efb-ac26-af5efcd34966/d0301d9ad3ac02e7032f0402c0ca8302/  (works!!!)

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As a follow-up to my initial post, at least for existing notes the Mac desktop client lets you select all notes and create a new note with an index of links to all those notes.

So if you need to add a link somewhere to an existing note (not created since the last time you created the master index note) you can just search on the note title and copy and past the link from your master index note.

How 'bout saving us from the gorkiness Evernote and adding this link creation to the Share Sheet?

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Barycenter.. where did you put that line of code? Can you explain me please. I really need to launch my Evernote App.


Thank you very much!

That's hard to grok manunez.

Evernote already has it's own application icon to launch it with.

These are links to individual notes.

As to where you put them, anywhere you can put a URL. In a note, in an email, in another Evernote note, in a calendar entry...

Though it's way over kill for the limited URL scheme support EN has, you might look at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/launch-center-pro/id532016360?mt=8 for guided help creating and using actions to Evernote GUID's. And then look at Clever or Clever HD as a 3rd party Evernote Client which has substantially more support for URL Schemes.

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