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  1. A page https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313328-How-to-share-notes-via-email incorrectly describes “Copy and paste a public link (URL)” PHONE, IPAD, AND IPOD TOUCH Open the note, tap the share button (box with upward arrow), then tap Copy link The actual button is “ human with +” and then select “more shared options” The same issue is on https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313588-How-to-use-note-links-to-connect-between-notes
  2. Ok, I found the ability to Share under new non-standard for iOS “human+” icon. IMHO, not easy to discover.
  3. @DTLow, I am sure, I’ve seen “share” menu before in Evernote notes, but it’s not visible on my iPad now. Any reason why it is hidden?
  4. Evernote V8.1 for iPad Notes list view for some notes doesn't show complete title. In my Example "Convert Generic Collection to DataTable is shown as "Convert Generic Collection to" ( no DataTable shown) I've tried different Note List options, but DataTable consistently not shown. Most of the notes titles are shown correctly in 1 or 2 lines. For long title and Large mode the title is correctly shown in 6 lines. This minor issue is not important for me, but if you want to fix it, my note can be a test example.
  5. For me it's opposite. V7 reguarly crashed and often delayed for 30 sec before opening. V8.1 runs very quickly(at least so far).You should submit request to support(as a paid user you will have a quick response) . EN support are quite professional and by analysing logs they can diagnose the particular problem, that will help you and probably others.
  6. Why people have to invent different workarounds? To have hierarchy of folders is a basic requirement, and Evernote should implement it a long time ago.
  7. Hopefully Evernote team reads this, it should be considered as beneficial new feature request.
  8. The command is available now. Click "...", then "Share", then "Copy Link" in the lower row, then select "private link"
  9. The command is available now. Click "...", then "Share", then "Copy Link" in the lower row, then select "private link"
  10. The command is available now. Click "...", then "Share", then "Copy Link" in the lower row, then select "private link"
  11. The command is available now. Click "...", then "Share", then "Copy Link" in the lower row, then select "private link"
  12. Thanks, it's really well hidden. I actually expected it on the same level as "Share". The hierarchy makes sense, but not easy to discover. Click "...", then "Share", then "Copy Link" in the lower row, then select "private link"
  13. Evernote for Windows has a menu item "copy note link", that allows to insert in one note link to another. It will be good to add similar command on IPad Evernote. Users shouldn't install third party apps to get functionality, that is available on other platforms. See similar threads (including workarounds) on help forum
  14. The support submit form on iPad is ridiculiosly Small - limited to only 500 characters. Could it be increase to allow 2000 or 5000 characters? Note that text box in a form is not restricted and message shows funny negative "left -987" when text exceed the limit. If for some reason you are not able to increase the limit, add instruction like "if you need to provide more information, you can send it in reply email, when you will receive receipt email for you support request"
  15. When I am clicking link in Evernote, an internal Evernote browser window is opened. I never understood, what the benefits to have it compare to full browser (safari or chrome). But it has disadvantages, because it doesn't support multiple tabs and you need to close it before returning to your note. In most of cases I have to wait until page is opened in Evernote browser window and then open it in Safary - useless waste of time. it also doesn't support search in file. Is it possible to add to IPad Evernote options setting to Bypass Evernote browser window (true/false)? I believe, that most of the users will be happy if by default it will be true(I.e. Open safari directly). I also suggest ( even know that you will disagree with this) to completely remove Evernote Browser window and open real browser directly. Current Browsers( Safary and Chrome) have buttons "Return to caller" and it will be sufficient for users. Do not waste your developers time to maintained the Browser window and allow them to concentrate on other functionality.
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