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  1. Yesterday, I was going to update Evernote to the latest revision but it complained that it was unable to load the database. I logged out, renamed the database directory, upgraded and after logging back in, a new database was created, synced and all notes were visible again. So it appears like my database was corrupted and that caused the bugs I originally reported.
  2. I logged out, uninstalled and then reinstalled. Same problem. I did this before I saw your install as administrator though. Is this really necessary if I'm installing on an account with administrative access?
  3. Just noticed tonight that the note count in the left panel is correct but in the note list it shows 0 for all notebooks.
  4. Running Evernote for Windows on two different machines. One is fine, but the other reports "no matching notes found" for every notebook I click on. This is before I type anything in the search window and the note count for the notebook always shows the correct number of notes which are stored in that notebook. "no matching notes found" shows up before I type anything in the search field. Evernote for web behaves properly on this machine, its just the Windows app on this one machine that's a problem. I've been seeing this for quite a while now just got tired of being forced to use the web client so I decided to see if there were any workarounds. I'm on which I believe is the latest.
  5. Johnathan, Thanks for the update. Your explanation of the bug explains why my convoluted workaround worked. However, yours is quicker.
  6. Oddly enough, the failure to annotate happens in both the preview pane and a separate window for me.
  7. I tried pasting in images from IrfanView. Similar behavior so its not tied to Skitch.
  8. Note: I'm on Win7 64-bit and I've seen this behavior with two different PCs (both Win7 64-bit).
  9. I've not been able to see any pattern with the images. Everything I paste in from Skitch behaves this way (haven't tried to paste in from other apps). I did notice that if I leave the image in the note for an extended period of time without attempting to annotate, sometimes, it lets me annotate without doing a copy.
  10. After pasting in a screen cap from Skitch into a note, most of the time (90+%), I can't annotate the image inside of Evernote for Windows. If I click on the annotate button or select Annotate from the menu it does nothing. I've figured out a temporary (but convoluted) workaround. The "Annotate a Copy of Image" option brings up the annotation window. If I close it, delete the new annotate image note, I can the reliably annotate the original image I pasted into Evernote.
  11. Bummer. That's the thing I really need to automate. I have IFTTT dynamically create notes in a notebook so I can't jump to a specific note in the notebook because its not static.
  12. Thanks for the info on how to construct an internal link from a public link. Is there an equivalent URL scheme to open a notebook from an external app like Launch Center Pro?
  13. I'd like to request that you consider adding a setting for the reminder notification sound rather than just using the android default in the development roadmap for android. I'd like to create an Evernote specific sound when the reminder fires.
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