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  1. I really don’t see that in the cards at all. Surely it can’t be much more than keeping the lights on currently. I’ve been using Evernote for a decade now. About the same time I’ve been IT at a software development company. We’re half the company size, but also with customer hosting around the world. We’ve built massively huge complex software that runs some of the worlds largest utility companies. I’ve never understood why it takes Evernote so many people to turn out so few lines of code.
  2. Just a datapoint from my newsfeed today. https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/18/microsoft-helps-mac-users-ditch-evernote-for-onenote-with-new-tool/?ncid=rss Microsoft makes the point the Evernote Premium now costs as much as Office365 Personal. the migration tool for Evernote -> OneNote for Windows (and now Mac) has migrated 71 million Evernote notes. Seems there's some movement there. Movement I'm less than pleased with. The pricing issue doesn't help. The more people migrating for various thread hammered reasons, means the more my pricing is going to go up while I s
  3. That may be the case, but I'm not sure it will be due to Folders. As I look at some of the competition (Google and Microsoft), folders are pretty antithetical to them too. Particularly when you look at OneNote with Sharepoint. I struggle with my own organization, as IT, where users try to cling to files living in a folder metaphor, and hold out on metadata, tags, and searches. It's just painful. It's just putting off the inevitable day of reckoning. Inevitably one reaches the conclusion (even more so as you collaborate) that one personal taxonomy will never agree with everyon
  4. Oh... and about the OneNote "TNO" encryption... Maybe not so much (other than perhaps you bought a retail copy that you use in your own home): https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc179125.aspx If you do allow users to password protect documents, and they later forget or lose the password, you can use the DocRecrypt tool to reset or remove the password. For more information, see the Remove or reset file passwords in Office 2013 article. And the selection of encryption methods can be controlled through group policy. AES and 3DES shouldn't be assumed. They can be configured to be any
  5. No, not OneNote. See: https://spekxvision.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/still-no-secure-cloud-sync-for-onenote/ "OneNote 2013 does offer strong encryption, and in fact this is TNO. You can enter a password for a section in any of the Windows/iphone/iPad apps, and the section will be encrypted on the client side. The downside, and it is a big downside, is that you have to do this for each section individually.. not notebook, or section group, but each section. If you have tens or hundreds of sections in your notebook, as I do, that means typing the password for each one when you want to open it!
  6. Naw, it really isn't any different. Presumably most people are using dropbox or icloud to sync their 1password library. So on the one hand you have a sync service distributing a pre-encrypted blob which the sync service cannot decrypt. And on the other you have LastPass. Also a sync service distributing a pre-encrypted blob which the sync service cannot decrypt. Just like in this thread, where some are asking for TNO pre-encryption for notes which the sync service cannot decrypt. In all cases, even if the service was hacked, that doesn't get you into the encrypted data. Further I would argu
  7. Having sensitive info synced across all devices is kind of what LP is all about... I'm wondering what more one might want from a security model than trust no one encryption with a multitude of multi factor login options. And to add in LP enterprise, the usage logging across the enterprise is great, and much more useful to me than a personal decentralized model like keypass or 1password.
  8. Thanks for the search reminders. I would have thought that 50% of mine would have been web clips. But I guess I'm making more use of IFTT workflows and sends to EN from my feed reeder, than actual web clipper use. But web clipper was 25%. 10% forwarded email. And a whopping 11 notes with encryption. It's frankly just not really worth using, as is. LastPass on the other hand has 800 sets of credentials and secure notes. I am disappointed to hear that it's not a business priority given we're still waiting for the previous CEO's "sexy encryption" mention. But I am thankful for the OAuth,
  9. http://web.archive.org/web/20041128035713/http://www.evernote.com/en/
  10. GM you're being fast and loose with the facts and needlessly confusing. JM is correct on the origins of the current product and current principal founders. What you refer to is EverNote, what ultimately turned into a Windows app with a beta in late 2004. Then ultimately, EverNote Plus, as a $50 windows app as late as 2007. The original company started in 2000 "EverNote is a California Corporation with an R&D Center in Moscow, Russia. EverNote has founded by Stepan Pachikov at Feb.29, 2000" It didn't have a functional web page until around 2004 in the time frame of the company merging w
  11. I'm glad OneNote continues to Evolve and hope that puts honest pressure on Evernote. I happen to pay less monthly for Sharepoint Online with OneNote than Evernote Premium, but they're still different functions for me. On the sorting thing: OneNote doesn't appear to sort on iOS which is where I need it. For that I still use Cloud Outline with bidirectional syncing to Evernote for those notes that need it.
  12. <broken record> Or create the structure in the tags. Medical.military Medical.VA Medical.civilian Because the tag is delimited, you can search on either medical or military and the tags are shown in the suggested search results. So my relevant structure framework is viewable, even if I don't have the tag or notebook sidebars taking up display space </broken record> How many tags does that produce? Dunno, stopped caring. I just type a few letters and only see relevant groups at one time. The number of tags, long surpassed my ability to remember all the single
  13. I realize that's neither Android or not too technical. My hope is that it triggers a memory or eyeballs to the thread of someone doing something similar on Android.
  14. Aha. It was the note title I was biasing the "automatic" to. Those templates also have a per template URL call method. So I have scheduling tools which call the URL at a certain time and generate an Evernote note, via the template. Or rather than start a new note, it can start a new note per day if one doesn't exist and then append timestamped updates to the same note for each subsequent run. So that lets me have a scheduled alert that pops up on the hour and asks "what are you working on", with a few taps and a note, I can capture that in a formatted way in Evernote.
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