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  1. I am an Evernote Premium User, Desktop Mac OSX Platform. I shared several of my notebooks with my sister. I have also given her my List of Tags. She is unable to add my own tags to my notes in the shared Notebooks even though she has "Can Edit" Permission on the Shared Notebooks. Are we doing something wrong? Is it because she is using a PC Desktop platform? We have tried synching etc. Some Tags she CAN Add and others she cannot. it is strange.
  2. Wow... So all this with the newly released IOS and new version of Evernote on the ipad?? There used to be a button i could click when pasting a note Link and now it looks like. I need to be a programmer to use internal note linking on my iPad!!! aaarrrrrrgh just when i was getting way more use out of Evernote. This severly limits the functionality of the program for me so disappointed!!!
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