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  1. I am an Evernote Premium User, Desktop Mac OSX Platform. I shared several of my notebooks with my sister. I have also given her my List of Tags. She is unable to add my own tags to my notes in the shared Notebooks even though she has "Can Edit" Permission on the Shared Notebooks. Are we doing something wrong? Is it because she is using a PC Desktop platform? We have tried synching etc. Some Tags she CAN Add and others she cannot. it is strange.
  2. NO. Sorry, this is NOT what I was doing. I was clicking a button on Evernote (In the Note Editor) in my iPad, which would "Copy Link Location" then I would Highlight text in another Note and there was an icon I could click that would change the highlighted text to a "Clickable Link" back to the first note.Not to be annoyingly contrary, but I do think this is what you were doing. There was a button in the note editor (the sixth one from the left on the editor row -- a square with an arrow) that would create a note link. This button is now gone (read below to find out how to generate the link, though). This was a shared note link.If you had pasted the link into your note without hyperlinking a word, you would have seen it began with https://wwww. When you went to another note and highlighted a word to hyperlink it (using the same icon) you were creating a link to the note *on the web.* Pressing the blue text took you to the note, but using the web browser within Evernote. You might remember that the note showed as green at the top and you could not edit it. This was the location of the shared note on the web. I encourage you to do a search for sharedate:* in your account. I think (if I am correct) that you will find many notes appear.This is very different than an internal link, which is not shared, and does not take you into the browser within Evernote. This is more than simply a matter of semantics. The internal links allow you to navigate within the app (not within the browser in the app), they are not shared (the content remains private so that other people cannot access it), and the links (when created on the desktop) can help you to easily create a personal wiki.Fortunately, if this kind of shared linking (as opposed to internal linking) is acceptable to you, you can still accomplish the link part, though you will not be able to hyperlink the text as you used to do. Press the icon at the top (the third icon from the right -- a square with an arrow), select "Copy link," and paste this into another note. The link will work the same, though it will be a little unsightly compared to the previous version of the app. I am soooo sorry! you are absolutely correct and I was, in fact, sharing publicly that which I believed was internal only. I'm quite disappointed as I thought we had internal notelinking. Even still, it was at least a useful function (had i known they would be public - i could have more carefully chosen which notes to share) with the hyper-linking etc. Is there ANY hope that with the introduction of iOS7 and upgraded EN app that the developers can Introduce internal note linking and make it easy to do with hyper-Linked text? This Would really and truly kick this App WAY up in featurg rich functionality. Also, i cannot imagine I am the only one hoping for this? Again, I am sorry I was so adamantly opposed to your suggestion, I simply did not "get it". now I do. Thank you very much for taking your time to educate me and get me sorted out. Chris
  3. NO. Sorry, this is NOT what I was doing. I was clicking a button on Evernote (In the Note Editor) in my iPad, which would "Copy Link Location" then I would Highlight text in another Note and there was an icon I could click that would change the highlighted text to a "Clickable Link" back to the first note.
  4. Note linking certainly existed and it is certainly gone with the new update. I have used this a lot too, especially linking to pdfs in other applications (Goodreader) Please reintroduce this feature. Thank you. I had three different peoiple tell me it did not exist when in fact, I know I used it. PLEASE Evernote Wizzards, PLEASE make this feature come back!!!!
  5. Weird that you are not the first to say this, because i was linking ALL kinds of persoanl notes to one another on September 18th on my i Pad. There was a little icon that looked like an arrow, i clicked it and it would copy note link then. Would highlight some text in another note and there was an icon i could click and it would let me paste the note link. It worked awesome, i swear it was there on Sept 18th (before i upgraded to ios7 and the new version of evernote)... Does anyone have screen shots of an evernote NOTE from an i pad before this upgrade? i will point out the icons I was using.
  6. I agree too. Hey Evernote Team: please, let's get the Microphone on the qucknote section and when we click on the body of any note, there should be a microphone icon in the menu bar... Why are you making things more challenging? Thanks for letting me vent.
  7. What happened to note Linking? This was such an amazing part of this app... Now, with the upgrade to iOS7 and the updated app, it appears to be gone! Yikes. Please someone tell me how to get it back! Quick.
  8. Wow... So all this with the newly released IOS and new version of Evernote on the ipad?? There used to be a button i could click when pasting a note Link and now it looks like. I need to be a programmer to use internal note linking on my iPad!!! aaarrrrrrgh just when i was getting way more use out of Evernote. This severly limits the functionality of the program for me so disappointed!!!
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