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  1. Thank you so much - that worked for me. Please note that you MUST have the final slash / at the end or it will not work - evernote:///view/xxxxxxxx/s356/2aa183eb-ba8a-4efb-ac26-af5efcd34966/d0301d9ad3ac02e7032f0402c0ca8302 (did not work) evernote:///view/xxxxxxxx/s356/2aa183eb-ba8a-4efb-ac26-af5efcd34966/d0301d9ad3ac02e7032f0402c0ca8302/ (works!!!)
  2. This seems to work fine for just opening the notebooks. However, this won't open to a specific note. Even when I alter the note GUIDs it never opens to the specific note. Is there any way to get directly to the note itself? This is the link I tried (I hid my ID here) evernote:///view/xxxxxxxx/s356/2aa183eb-ba8a-4efb-ac26-af5efcd34966/2aa183eb-ba8a-4efb-ac26-af5efcd34966/
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