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(Archived) Workflow of Excel spreadsheet creation and editing in Evernote (coming from Dropbox)

Mark F


I have both Dropbox and Mac Evernote.  I'm trying to start using Evernote more than Dropbox for document storage (lots of tax stuff and financial spreadsheets).  


Scanning docs into Evernote is really easy with my low end scansnap unit. My issue now is that I'm trying to figure out the workflow for handing Excel spreadsheets in Evernote.  As it is now, I simply initially create the Excel spreadsheet in a Dropbox folder, and access it directly from there.  And this also works well with Open Recent within Excel. In essence, it's easy to open and edit Excel files in Dropbox folders -- as easy as any folder on my drive.


Now I'm trying to figure out how I do all this in Evernote.  From what I see I have to create the Excel spreadsheet somewhere on my drive first, then send it over to Evernote when done.  Then, when I want to edit it, I find it in Evernote and open and edit it.


1) Is there an alternative to creating the spreadsheet on the drive, uploading it to Evernote, and then having to delete the original file on the drive?


2) When I edit an attached Excel spreadsheet in Evernote, where is the actual file at that time? Is it creating a  temporary file on my drive and then once edited and saved, it saves it to Evernote?


Just trying to get a handle on all this.  Would also like to know how to easily copy my Dropbox files to Evernote. Or, if using Excel spreadsheets in Evernote is too unwieldy, perhaps I could continue with Dropbox for spreadsheets, and do some sort of sync with the folders (not that I know how to do that).


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Hi - I would have thought the easiest way to work with Evernote and Excel is to create and save a new spreadsheet,  then drag and drop the file into a note.  Delete the original file because it's a distraction.  Doubleclick the file attached to the note to open it in Excel,  edit and re-save it with the same filename to have your change(s) saved back 'into' the note.  The file is part of your Evernote database,  but (obviously) can be exported or saved with a different name if you need to share it.


Evernote is as safe (or not) a storage location as Dropbox,  but I'd recommend regular backups anyway just in case..


To move files from Dropbox to notes,  drag and drop the files into notes - one at a time;  if you drag multiple files you'll get all those files in one note. 


If you have lots of files,  beware your note size limit and upload allowance!

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I have both Dropbox and Mac Evernote.  I'm trying to start using Evernote more than Dropbox for document storage (lots of tax stuff and financial spreadsheets).  


My issue now is that I'm trying to figure out the workflow for handing Excel spreadsheets in Evernote. 


I think your direct questions have already been answered, but I wanted to advise you of a significant con to using Evernote to store your Excel files.

  • Every time you edit the Excel file (from Evernote) the ENTIRE file must be re-uploaded to Evernote when you save it.
  • This has a direct impact on your monthly upload allowance
  • If the Excel file is of significant size, you could quickly exceed you upload allowance with just a few edits.

I have used both Evernote and Dropbox for years.  I find it is best to keep frequently updated files in Dropbox.  If the only information in your Evernote Note is the Excel file itself, what is the advantage of using Evernote over Dropbox?


DropBox is designed primarily as a file manager, complete with version control.

Evernote is designed primarily as a multi-media information manager.


Each have their advantages.  I try to use the tool that is best for each job.

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I use CloudHQ to sync my Evernote to Dropbox.

I too am trying to develop workflow protocols that will enable the Evernote search/tracking with the solid sharing abilities of Dropbox.

I think I'm close....



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What works for me is:



1. add an Empty Workbook to your default documents directory


Regular use:

1. click "add file" in any note

2. select the Empty Workbook

3. in the Evernote note right-click and change filename


This way you don't have to remind yourself to delete originals. Basically you "create" a new Excel file in Evernote.

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This has got me thinking: I have a note in Evernote that is really a table that keeps track of each expenses claim I make. Maintaining a table in Evernote - using any client you care to name - is a significant pain. Try adding 3 rows, for example.


Would I be better off using a spreadsheet in Evernote? I'm wondering about editing in iOS, over the web, and on a Mac. I suspect there would be significant "considerations".


Note: I don't need any of the usual spreadsheet capabilities - such as totalling. I avoid spreadsheets where no calculation is required.

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I am having a similar issue - I open a spreadsheet I've saved in evernote, then whenever I make a change it renames the file "untitled" and does not show me the original location to save it.


Would optimally like to just copy and paste the spreadsheet in evernote and work with it there, but when I cut and paste the space above and below the text makes each cell far to large (and thus the rest of the spread sheet).  Does anyone know how to adjust space above/below text in the cells?



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