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  1. Gray text on gray background does not help anyone -- improving readability does. And yes, I've heard of those newfangled things called eyeglasses, thanks for pointing that out. I wear them. This forum, and this post I am keying, has a nice dark font on a bright background. Does that detract from the forum? Are people complaining that they want gray on gray, that they want less contrast? No, they are not. But if you used the same color scheme here on the forum as Evernote does on their web app, I'm sure you'd get complaints about the forum readability. There simply is no reason for making something less readable, unless it is a work of art. Evernote, last I heard, is supposed to be a productivity tool. I'd think they would want the greatest numbers of people to be productive with it. At the least, they should offer different themes or a setting to change the font and background color. Ageism? Give me a break. What about your eyeism? Yeah, sounds as silly as what you said.
  2. It's absolutely astounding that after the many threads on this forum about horrible accessibility, I see the newest version of the OSX evernote web app still is gray on gray -- heck, I can barely read the notes, let along things like the tags page -- and unbelievably there are not yet any customizations for the fonts. It's crazy really. It doesn't say much for the company. I think the 20-something developer team needs to take a look at the demographics of internet users -- it's not all 20-somethings like them. There are plenty of us 50-somethings and 60-somethings, and older; there are 80 million of us baby boomers alone in the US. And here's some news: you don't have to be older to have not-so-perfect eyesight. I've shown evernote to my wife, who has perfect eyesight and thinks it's a bit insane. The whole this is just absurd. I check in with evernote about once or twice a year, hoping I can finally use it, hoping I can actually send money to evernote for a premium account, hoping I can recommend it to friends and to my websites' 30,000 readers a day. But sadly, due to the unrelenting deafness to users' requests, and to the generally accepted rules of accessibility, I cannot.
  3. The Tags page is still gray and gray for me. I'm on OSX EN version 5.5.1. This gray on gray -- and the manner in which Evernote hasn't given a darn about my complaints about it for a couple years -- is what kept me away from EN. But you say the gray on gray is gone. What am I missing?
  4. I've been having the same frustrating issue over the last few weeks. It's making Evernote unusable for me. Chrome 31.0.1650.63 Webclipper: 5.7 Interestingly, if I go to EN Clearly, and then clip the Elephant button, the article is saved.
  5. I see no one is interested in helping with this problem. I've been experiencing the same thing. But for me it's the web app, not the downloadable app. AND, it's not just after reboots, but constantly, like very hour I'd guess. And even after I log in, then Evernote Web Clipper requires it's own sign in. It make Evernote very difficult to use throughout the day.
  6. The link below shows a screenshot of the Evernote App (Mac) Tags index screen: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/fpbp.png/ Maybe 2-3 years ago I brought this to the attention of Evernote, explaining how many of us a bit older people don't have as perfect eyes as the young developers at Evernote, and that the Tags index screen is unreadable to some of us. Now I'm back checking out Evernote again and am reminded of why I had to choose not to use it in the past, and this is one reason. I doubt it even meets website accessibility standards. I'm curious, is there anyone else out there that has extreme difficulty reading it? Please bring up the image and see for yourself. And what is the deal with developers hating on contrast these days? Do they want us all to squint or go blind? You don't see books coming out with gray text on gray pages. It's black on white or off-white. Thanks.
  7. At about minute 00:50 in this following video from this year, it demonstrates how to enter a Tag "in" a Tag. In both my mac app and evernote.com, I am unable to do this. Where did it go? Why was it taken away? I need to enter hundreds of tags (stock ticker symbols) as child tags of a parent tag. And to do it without this ability is a HUGE time waster -- add the tag, find it in the list, drag it up, up, up until you find the parent tag and drop it in. Then repeat. And it's something I have to do on the fly each time I have to enter a new ticker as the need arises.
  8. Yes, I've noticed many, many very easy and very logical fixes do not get done. I really wonder about Evernote sometimes. I's gives me pause. As for this one, it's a CSS change. A just a color value. Literally minutes of time to do. EN should either agree, and then take care of it, or disagree and tell us. This gray area (like the page in question) is unacceptable.
  9. Thanks gazumped. So it's a little more work to do it through evernote, but at least I'll have everything in one spot with a powerful search.
  10. I have both Dropbox and Mac Evernote. I'm trying to start using Evernote more than Dropbox for document storage (lots of tax stuff and financial spreadsheets). Scanning docs into Evernote is really easy with my low end scansnap unit. My issue now is that I'm trying to figure out the workflow for handing Excel spreadsheets in Evernote. As it is now, I simply initially create the Excel spreadsheet in a Dropbox folder, and access it directly from there. And this also works well with Open Recent within Excel. In essence, it's easy to open and edit Excel files in Dropbox folders -- as easy as any folder on my drive. Now I'm trying to figure out how I do all this in Evernote. From what I see I have to create the Excel spreadsheet somewhere on my drive first, then send it over to Evernote when done. Then, when I want to edit it, I find it in Evernote and open and edit it. 1) Is there an alternative to creating the spreadsheet on the drive, uploading it to Evernote, and then having to delete the original file on the drive? 2) When I edit an attached Excel spreadsheet in Evernote, where is the actual file at that time? Is it creating a temporary file on my drive and then once edited and saved, it saves it to Evernote? Just trying to get a handle on all this. Would also like to know how to easily copy my Dropbox files to Evernote. Or, if using Excel spreadsheets in Evernote is too unwieldy, perhaps I could continue with Dropbox for spreadsheets, and do some sort of sync with the folders (not that I know how to do that).
  11. Not everyone has perfect eyes. I'm one of them. I would like to use the Tags page on my Mac app more often to get to content, but I can very barely read it. The contrast is turned so low, with the gray lettering on gray background. For what purpose, I ask? Some web designer said, hey yeah, that's the cool trend now -- unreadable pages. Is there any reason why Evernote cannot take a few minutes and turn up the contrast in their CSS stylesheet? You know, like dark text on lighter pages, the way it's been since the Gutenberg? It really is ridiculous. Come on Evernote.
  12. Okay, this drives me crazy not just on Evernote, but on so many websites and apps these days. It's the trend of using gray text on gray or other colored background, making it virtually unreadable for people with imperfect eyes. On Evernote 5 for Mac, I was just looking at the tags page. I wanted to go through and delete unused tags. Well, it's a gray font on a gray background. I can't read it. It's not like I'm near-blind, I'm 20/40. Even with glasses on, I can't read it either though, and I've got developing cataracts like a few million other people. What the heck is wrong with black text on while background? Is Evernote about productivity or is it a supposed beauty contest? It's just so damn frustrating.
  13. Thanks to both of you. @jbenson2: I did read that thread earlier didn't see any solutions for my questions. #Mike Wood: Since I don't have much invested in EN, that would be too drastic a mesure for me. What a shame. I REALLY want to use EN. But if they are removing/not thinking of having features like these, it's a pretty scary platform to invest time in. I hate to do it, but I guess I have to go try out something like Springpad (although they have some basic problems Ive found too). What a pain. I just don't understand why EN has done this. Have they responded to anyone on this, acknowledging the issues and vowing to fix them? If so, I might be tempted to stay.
  14. I'm just getting back into Evernote, with Evernote 5 for Mac, and I remember that Saved Searches were very powerful. However, it seems like Evernote must have purposefully limited the Saved Search functionality. I've searched the forums for an hour and I'd like to know if the following are really now limitations, or if I am just missing something. 1. Can I see a list of Saved Searches (outside of the dropdown)? Where? 2. Can I edit a Saved Search? It seems I have to delete it (oops, see #3) and then recreate it. How? 3. Can I delete a Saved Search? Where? Also related to searching 1. Apparently I cannot search a stack, so I need to search multiple notebooks at once. Can I do this somehow? Every time I go to add a new notebook to search, in the search dialog, it removed the previous notebook, so I only have one notebook I can search.
  15. Aha!! Success! It was the version of Chrome. I didn't think of that because Chrome is supposed to upgrade on it's own automatically. But obviously it did not. So I downloading a new version manually. And it works now. Thanks for your really quick help, especially on a Sunday morning. Much appreciate.
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