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(Archived) How to organize Evernote?

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hey guys, i just got Evernote up and running 1 week ago. it works great on all my devices. however, i'm really struggling to keep myself organized. can anybody recommend me a special way to organize my Evernote notebooks? is there a basic user guide i could look at that was maybe made by Evernote?


thanks for any help!

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Hi Juggy and welcome to the forums.


Wow, how long is a piece of string? Yours is an oft asked question that could be answered in many ways. One of which is the brilliant method that Grumpy uses.


I guess you need to start by asking what you want out of Evernote? What is it that you think it can do for you?


That has to be the basis of where you start.


Do look at the book Evernote Essentials V3 by Brett Kelly. This give useful tips and ideas.


I have been using note taking apps for a long time and can tell you that your ideas and thoughts about how it works for you will evolve over time. But it is good to get the basics right from the beginning to save a bit of messing around later on.

Read the book then list what you want. 


You might also do a search on the forums as you will find others have asked the same and got a variety of answers.


Best regards



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I'm in the same boat except that I've been using EN for almost a year now but don't quite feel I have a handle on my organization.


That Princeton site gave some good tips and had lots of pictures.

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Do look at the book Evernote Essentials V3 by Brett Kelly. This give useful tips and ideas.


Wish he had that on the amazon kindle store :(.  I like my content to sync across kindle devices (phone, iPad, laptop, desktop etc.), prefer not to buy books that won't accommodate that.

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