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  1. LOL, I haven't noticed a single meaningful improvement to EN in years. Nor a single meaningful statement. The good thing is they've set expectations so low that it doesn't even occur to me to even expect improvement, or even bother posting like a suggestion would ever be listened to, the only reason I'm posting here is I got a thread notification. If anything, the only thing I'd expect from a new release would be further destruction and dumbing down of the product, aka the "new" web version. Which I haven't looked at in probably 6 months since once I saw how they had destroyed that, but again, why bother? My use now is very limited, I don't use much any more.
  2. Edit: deleted my post upon further consideration, so as not to take this thread off topic.
  3. I just signed up and played with it very briefly. One of the better note taking products I've seen. It's possible I'm missing something but my observations are: Pros 1. Subfolders as many levels deep as you want. 2. Appears as though you can share folders at any level you want, i.e. what would be the equivalent of being able to share a stack in EN. Cons 1. No grouping of tags, that's huge. 2. In Evernote if you select a stack, you can see all notes in the the notebooks in that stack, that's an awesome feature. In Nimbus if you select a folder, you can ONLY see notes for that specific folder, not the notes in sub-folders. I don't like that paradigm for note taking, I'm NOT saying it's "wrong", just that I'd want an option in settings for selecting whether I want to see the notes in subfolders when I select a parent folder.
  4. Rick, That may have been the solution for you, but for many small teams a shared premium account may be much better, mainly due to the pathetic lack of features and support of the business product. Countless examples discussed in this forum, the most obvious being the inability to share stacks, which is easily done with a shared premium account. Another being the inability after something like 3 years for an admin to rename notebooks for a team, again easily accomplished with a shared premium account. I don't disagree that the business product will be better for some, but not for all.
  5. Thanks. Yes I have web clipper installed. However I've never had related results enabled, I can only guess it got enabled or added by an update. I turned it off - message gone. Thanks again.
  6. When ever I perform a Google search using Firefox, I see the message I've attached, on the right side of the search page. I have no viruses or adware installed. I'm mystified as to how/why this message is showing up - it seems like the EN add-on is somehow inserting it onto the page but I have a hard time believing EN would do that or that FF would allow an add-on maker to do it. Any input on this? Thanks
  7. Your point is legit, but without major funding, it's going to be very difficult for small start-ups to give out huge amounts of storage. They need to scale up and start making money before they can do that. And even then it's difficult, imagine that the product catches on and suddenly they have millions of users signing up. 90%+ of whom will be non-paying/free customers (yes that can be offset with ads). So any startup without huge funding is going to need to control storage for free customers so they don't get caught with their pants down.
  8. It's nice to know that you know what my opinion about what I find hideous should be. Do you have any opinion on whether I should find Rosanne Barr attractive? As far as versions 5x of the Windows client and versions 6x of the Mac client being more alike than ever, I agree with that, which was the entire point. The thread starter and I are on versions 4x of the Windows client.
  9. I'd strongly advise you to try it on a test machine if you have one, and if not wait until you can try it on a family members machine or something like that. I'm still on the same Windows version as you. I don't use the mac version much so I update that one just to see what they are doing and the most recent major update on that one to V6 made it as ugly and hideous as ever. And they recently annihilated the web version if you switch it over to the beta version.
  10. Hi Alan, I addressed the lack of cloud functionality in the cons section of my post. As far as it being in the "primordial stage", it is anything but. The software has been available for over five years with an endless series enhancements. It is rough mainly in the sense that the gui is not pretty and can get a bit busy, but that's not the most important requirement for many users, especially power users which is what this threads about. Not trying to convince you are anyone else to use it, but want to characterize it as accurately as possible.
  11. This is an old thread but another product to add to the mix is InfoQube. Cons: PC only (can run on a USB stick if desired), no cloud option, no mobile option. I think I might have read about some users using DropBox to keep it synced across PC's but not sure.No real tagging system.The steepest learning curve of any PIM/information manager you've ever used. This is a product for power users that are willing to spend some time learning. The online help is outstanding though. If EN is the triumph of form over function (which is what it is starting to become), IQ is the triumph of function over form.UI is not pretty and navigating between "grids" could use improvement if you have lots of them (closest EN equivalent is a notebook).Pros: A power users delight, it makes EN (and OneNote) look like a toy in comparison. With the exception of the limitations described above, it's power is amazing, and it can handle everything in your life, information (i.e. as EN does) PLUS outlining, projects, tasks, full calendar as well. Even though I've listed 4 cons there are really too many features and too much power to even go into, and it's so customizable it is amazing. So for Pros I'm not going to try to list a bunch if them.If the above description of cons doesn't scare you away, you can download a free version with sample data at their website. They also have a small but active user forum where dedicated users will answer questions. It's rare to read good software reviews anymore, but this one from PC World is actually a very good one for anyone that wants to read more about it.
  12. I am not saying this just to rant, this industry is having a fair number of incompetent User Experience people driving software UI design who have the "religion" and they are on a mission to "minimize distractions" and "simplify". These people are akin to interior designers that don't think you should ever see a TV in the room, even if the purpose of the room is for it to be a media room. They know what's best for you and their artistic sensibilities are not going to be compromised for tasteless barbarians, they are creating something that is "beautiful" and "simple", you don't need those damn options!
  13. Guys, you need to be reasonable here. This is after all, the company that is going to kill the file system and decimate Microsoft Office. So they just don't have time to deal with the really deep complex issues like how to let a business rename a notebook. http://www.cnbc.com/id/102047277
  14. What a useless joke the new web beta is. This is what happens when the design lunatics get in charge. Using nonsense terms like "minimize distractions". I wonder how long it will be before EN utterly destroys the desktop clients. Having to engage in more clicks does not "minimizes distractions". Not being able to see my notebooks and tags does not "minimize distractions", it increases them. This represents the complete and utter triumph of function over form, another dumbing down of a product to the lowest common denominator. I sure hope all the companies like Microsoft and Gmail and Apple do this with email clients. It really bothers me seeing all those naughty things like inbox and sent items on the side. How will I ever focus with all those distractions? The funny thing is there are legitimate ways to "minimize distractions" without totally ***** over all your power users, and many software apps use them. Just give your users a simple way to hide and/or collapse UI elements. Heck, even make it the default if you want, as long as power users can turn them back on no harm done.
  15. I had this happen a few weeks ago too, a note suddently reverted to a state from a week or two earlier, it was not a confidence building experience. Have you looked under the folder on the left titled "conflicting changes" to see if by chance it shows up there?
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