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  1. Thanks! I just logged out of Evernote completely and then logged in again, but I still can't sync... I'm just thinking of not using Evernote anymore...?
  2. I just hope I can solve this soon because I haven't been able to use Evernote at all...
  3. Your reply is appreciated, but how will Evernote know that it needs to "rebuild my data base"??? Thanks!
  4. I'm still searching for a solution Evernote has been great, but it's unusable if it can't sync... Is there anything else I can try?
  5. I'm still unable to sync which is making Evernote unusable for me... Any other ideas would be much appreciated! EDIT: I've just tried deleting the Evernote note that I believed was making Evernote unable to sync, but I'm still getting the same error.. EDIT 2: I just exited the Evernote client on my Windows 10 Pro PC, but I'm still unable to sync... Does this mean the notes I create from now on won't be saved???
  6. I'm still unable to sync to sync... I'm running Windows 10 Pro and it's fully updated. I haven't even restarted my PC because then I'd have to exit Evernote... I'm using Chrome as my web browser, but yes I have Microsoft Edge installed as well.
  7. Thanks for your reply, but I'm still unable to sync... I'm not sure what else I can try?
  8. Thanks! I'm backing up the data that's in this particular Evernote note and I'll delete it soon. However, what if I'm still unable to sync...?
  9. I'm thinking about deleting this one Evernote note and seeing if that allows me to sync? Could this work?
  10. I'm still unable to sync my Evernote app on my Windows 10 PC... What else can I try? Thanks for your reply.
  11. Your reply is much appreciated! I checked the "Trash" in Evernote and there's no mention of this particular Evernote note that I had been working on today. I tried using evernote.com and that doesn't have this Evernote note either... "Conflicting changes" also doesn't have it... I was about to back it up but before I backed up this particular Evernote note I tried the "Fix note" function and this must have deleted it but it didn't tell me it was going to delete any of my notes...
  12. Update: I just uninstalled Evernote and then downloaded the newest installer from evernote.com and installed that, but I still have the same problem... I just hope there's a way I can retrieve the notes that I lost...
  13. Is there any way for me to get back the data that I lost today??? I only entered new data inside one Evernote note, but I entered a lot of data that's now not showing up inside the Evernote note...
  14. Big problem: I just tried using the "Fix notes" option in Evernote and I lost all of the notes I made today... Now I'm very sad... EDIT: I just exited Evernote, but I still have the exclamation point on top of the "Sync" button... I might try and re-install Evernote to see if that helps.
  15. I really want to be able to reboot my PC but I can't if I'm unsure if Evernote has synced all of my notes so does anyone know?...
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