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  1. I float in and out of the forums looking into encryption or "lockable" notebooks and would be happy to add my +1 to any type of extra security. Just call me paranoid but with all the privacy concerns, why would something as important as Evernote notes be left in the open and unlocked?
  2. There's a lot of interest by everyone except the developers into this feature. Check out this thread from 2013: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/36764-encrypt-a-whole-notebook/ There's a program called Saferoom that is also in beta.
  3. I appreciate Saferoom's efforts to bring us something that EN is not providing but it does seem a little cumbersome at the moment. After 2 years of discussion, I was hoping the EN developers would look at this thread and see the need and demand for such encryption. I am totally fine with not being able to index/search contents of encrypted notes if the contents are encrypted. That just makes sense to me as well. Still keeping fingers cross this will one day happen.
  4. I'm still hoping some form of encryption is still in the works by the developers. A zero-knowledge type would be great so I'm adding another post to keep this thread alive and let the powers see that many users find this an important issue.
  5. I'm confused too since the link previews "Win5Beta" at the bottom.
  6. Agreed. GTD has taken a big hit in this version. I have several shortcuts to folders, notebooks and tags in the V4 shortcut bar, which is now gone in V5. The new "shortcuts" feature is a step backwards from what the shortcut bar could do. I don't have a GTD plan yet but also miss that shortcut bar...
  7. There were many things that they said would never be done in EN but this has been a "sexy year" for new features. I'll add my vote for allowing encrypting / PW protecting notes without having to log out of the whole EN program.
  8. I'm in the same boat except that I've been using EN for almost a year now but don't quite feel I have a handle on my organization. That Princeton site gave some good tips and had lots of pictures.
  9. The Moleskine looks quite nice but am I right in that the main feature is the dotted lines which allows that Page Camera to correctly algin/rotate that picture? Aren't there other journals which use dotted lines that you can substitute as well?
  10. Just kidding- thanks for the reply though. Just trying to show my enthusiasm for EN!
  11. I'll help lobby for this option, Where is the sign up sheet?
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