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(Archived) Orientation of Images - EXIF data not recognized



I scanned a document as a Jpeg using an HP PhotoSmart C4580. In the HP editing software, I oriented the Jpeg in Landscape and saved the changes. The landscape orientation is visible on my iMacs (OSX 10.5.6) document viewer. I imported the Jpeg using the Mac Evernote Desktop Client, however, the image in oriented as a portrait. Is there a way to change the orientation within Evernote, or is there a work around up front to prevent this from reorienting? I'd prefer not to scan as a Jpeg in order to retain text recognition. Thanks!

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Guest mrossk

Same here. For small pictures it takes only a few seconds but for bigger pictures (1,4 MB) it takes minutes, even on fast computers.

The worst: While rotating pictures they are converted from small .jpg (1,4 MB) to huge .png (9,5 MB). This makes this function useless for me.

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Any follow up with this? This week I uploaded a picture from iPhone (sending the photo to my Evernote email), and no matter how you put the camera (portrait or landscape), it arrives Evernote with the wrong orientation.

The funny thing is that in the thumbnail view it shows the right orientation, but when you open the note it shows the wrong orientation...

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Thanks for the feedback. If you save one of these JPG images to your computer and try to open it in a web browser instead of using Preview, does it also show the correct orientation?

We've seen a few cases of images that support rotation using a special "rotation" extension in the JPEG data. This extension is supported by some applications that specialize in image processing, and isn't supported in others (like web browsers). I'm suspicious that this is what's occurring here.


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Cult. Definitely. :)


I see that now.

Perhaps some of you can understand my love/hate relationship and resulting frustration when I admit to being damn close to handing over cash for Premium

even though photo notes are broken with no plans to fix.

If you can't beat them, join them, I guess.

That won't stop me ridiculing though, since the situation is ridiculous.

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A better product like what?

LOL, exactly my point!!!! As one man was fond of saying, "Whether you like it or ya don't like it, learn to love it cause it's the best thing going today." Your choices vary, if you can live without it then you have that option, of course. I have not found anything that can even come near Evernote's usefulness for me so I voice my opinion about certain things and then accept that it is their product and I can either take it or leave it. Contrary to the philosophy of the country today, I am not entitled to everything I want. If I weren't a Premium customer I'd be even more inclined to say my peace and shut up about it instead of coming into the forums and attacking Evernote, their staff, other customers, etc. as if I were entitled to abuse an "Internet user forum". This is not alt.binaries.Evernote.bash.bash.bash... it is a forum hosted, paid for, and monitored by Evernote. Don't compromise your morals, but otherwise when you are in someone else's house as a guest act like a human being and not a whiney brat that wants to kick and scream until Mommy gives in and gives you candy just to shut you up.

I see, you're leading your politeness crusade by example.

Let me help with your confusion. This is not a house and I have not been given any gifts. Evernote is a commercial product and it is between it and its customers to set the price, even if that price is "free". If the market would bear more, then it would be higher. Evernote will attempt to make money from its free accounts eventually. Evernote user forum is here also to further the commercial interests of the company. There is no obligation on me, moral or otherwise, to refrain from ridicule.

Which company do you think will ultimately do better - one that accepts that it has one or two pretty embarrassing holes and tries to fix them, or one that regards such comments as unacceptably rude and decides to ignore them?

Oh, you have the right to continue to comment. You have the right to make yourself out to be the northbound end of a southbound horse as well... it's your choice. Until Evernote decides to stop it you indeed have that right. Furthermore, I never said "if you don't like it why don't you take a hike" and if that was meant to be aimed at me then I'd say once again you are horribly misquoting people, as you are want to do.

As you are wont to do.

Sorry, I realise that recommending an option not to use EN is a world away from taking a hike. If your keen wits hadn't picked up on those two totally different sets of words not having the precise same overtones then I would have, like really got you, and unfairly too! What an underhand misquoter I am. Damn I thought I might get away with that one.

What I said, put differently, is if Evernote is, as you state and imply, such a terrible product that is created by programmers that can't even do a simple task and they won't even give you the satisfaction of fixing it BEFORE you are even a paid customer then why put yourself through that?
Now you put it that way, it is not at all condescending. Why, I had simply not considered the emotional toll that this might extract! And yet I had the option of just walking away.

(*stress - NOT taking a hike* - is that close enough or am I fiendishly misquoting you again?)

I think Windows blows so I quit using it... it's not worth the pain of using a bad product, whining about it all the time, listening to others who love it and appreciate it... it's easier just to switch to Mac. I'm not telling you to quit using Evernote, I'm asking why you still do since it sucks so bad, in your presented complaints?
Because the alternatives I'm aware of are worse.
I'm not emotionally identified with Evernote and I'm not upset you are complaining about a flaw. I'm upset that you attack the programmers and Chief Executives of a tool that has totally changed my life so dramatically.


You make baseless comments about how easy it is to fix. Are you a programmer? Do you know about how to read the Exif and flip photos?

No, yes and yes. That's how embarrassing this should be for EN.

More to the point every other app that handles phone photos can manage it too.

When I say Evernote has dramatically changed my life I'm not exaggerating. I have come to the point of being able to remember almost nothing and I've never had great organizational skills when it comes to paper so EVERYTHING that crosses my path goes into Evernote and it makes it possible to function. Evernote is an awesome product (not perfect but awesome nonetheless) that has made it possible for me to function on a near-normal level and keep my life sorted so yes, when a wanker like you comes in whining and attacking everyone around it does upset me.

Like you say, not emotionally attached to Evernote at all.

And again I see how well you embody by your philosophy of politeness! Don't worry, I get it - I was rude first! And to Evernote!

Because their photo notes absolutely suck!

I've said everything I have to say. Carry on your tantrum if you like...


I've enjoyed your post the most.


...has anyone noticed that famous multimedia note taking app Evernote can't do photo notes?

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i'm cool with you complaining and raising a stink. so did i in the thread i started on the same topic.

i think it is uncool to ridicule. i prefer a more respectful approach. not because it is a cult. not because it is a company. because the developers and staff at evernote are people too (except for phil the ceo - he is a robot, but one with a laser, so watch out).

there is a difference between a squeeky wheel and running your fingernails across the chalkboard.

One of them gets more attention?

carry on with your advocacy :)

Thank you, kind Sir Grumpy!

I'll bump this till I'm banned, or its fixed.

Or I get bored, which is quite likely.

But if either of the first two happen, you'll know the true colours of the Green Elephant.

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Any follow up with this? This week I uploaded a picture from iPhone (sending the photo to my Evernote email), and no matter how you put the camera (portrait or landscape), it arrives Evernote with the wrong orientation.

The funny thing is that in the thumbnail view it shows the right orientation, but when you open the note it shows the wrong orientation...

i don't know if there is any follow-up, because evernote does not recognize it as an issue on their end.


i have not experimented much, but if i recall correctly, editing an image by cropping in ios somehow resulted in properly oriented pages. it may have just been dumb luck. you could give that a try :)

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@Penwriter - Almost all modern cameras produced in the last half decade, along with all smartphone camera/image gallery interfaces, handle orientation.


It is in fact easy to do, being a trivial software operation implemented by a huge number of existing apps with much smaller development resources than Evernote and it is simply shoddy to ignore it on a mobile image handling app.  


I simply find it incredible that people can seriously suggest this warrants going to the back of a five year queue for a company that has implemented OCR  of image text and found time to make an app specifically for taking a picture of your lunch.


So flipping an image display by 90 degrees is much more involved than performing optical character recognition, is it?


Comparing correct image display with text formatting only used in technical writing seems perverse to me, but we can agree to differ here.


I hope they sort out richer text formatting for you, but given they have been deaf to image orientation requests since 2008 don't hold your breath.

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One thing: the latest prerelease of the next Windows client has a simple image rotation function. Given Evernote's stated desire for (more or less) feature parity across its clients, I imagine that it will trickle over to its other clients.eventually.

Thanks, that is useful. However, it wouldn't fix the difference between preview and full view (which are usually differently rotated, the latter displayed correctly).

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In any case, there is nothing to suggest that the "feature request" of non-broken photo note display is given any priority whatsoever, or will even be acted upon.

In general, I try to let Evernote worry about setting their own priorities. They have the information, they know their own plans and resources, and its their business to make succeed or fail. I'm not privy to what they're doing behind the scenes, and neither are you, so why fuss about it too much? I think the dictum to "let your customers tell you what they want, but don't let them tell you what to do" is probably at play here.

I think I am strongly telling Evernote what I want. I disagree that a few forum posts are too much fuss given the time I have spent and may yet spend with the service.

And I'm not a customer yet. Basic functionality issues have detered me.

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Andrew Sales, given how upset you are at Evernote (the program's) functionalities and Evernote (the company's) priorities, it sounds like you'll never be happy with either one. Sorry to hear that, since, flaws and all, a lot of us find a lot of use for it—and find it enhanced by third-party apps that play well with it.

I do find this sort of cod-psychoanalytical hand waving excuse amusing! It's not even your company!

Someone points out that the foremost image note taking app doesn't display images correctly and the response is that this potential customer sounds like they will "never be happy".

What nonsense you have seen fit to post!

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I use Jotnot as well. I use my Iphone/Evernote app to upload the resulting photo to Evernote. I try to print the jotnot processed photo and it comes out blank. (these are photos of whiteboards). However if I e-mail the photo to myself and print on the same printer, it prints fine. Does evernote process the photo in a way that makes it not printable?

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I had the same problem until I figured out how to rotate images "properly" in EN for Win. The wrong way is to select the image, right click, and select rotate cw or ccw. This method takes forever and converts the JPG to PNG. The right way is to double click the image which should bring up your default JPG viewer, usually Windows Photo Viewer. Use your default viewer to then rotate the photo. At least that's how it works for Windows Photo Viewer. I was not prompted to save the file after rotating it, it just showed up oriented correctly in EN as a JPG, and almost immediately.

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Please re-read what I said. I did not say it was rude to "consider" something "incredibly poor". You seem to be really good at quoting things incorrectly/out of context.

Sorry, let me be more precise. I'm not trying to cause offence pointlessly. I'm trying to create a fuss about something that obviously people are just used to putting up with, but by any objective assessment is ridiculous given the ambitions and features of Evernote.

It isn't necessarily rude to ridicule something because it is poor. Neither is my ridicule uncalled for. There is a place in the world for ridicule and really I don't think anyone here is under the impression that lives are at stake, or reputations will be mortally wounded.

Yeah, we all get that you disagree, since you've posted it so often. But the bottom line is that it doesn't matter whether you agree or not.

Erm, this is an internet user forum.

It is what it is. (shrug). If you can live with it, great. If not, then yes, you should find an app that does what you need it to do.

Should I?

So agitating to improve an easily fixable flaw in something that is otherwise great is an illegitimate course of action, is it?

And it doesn't seem like this convo is moving forward at all, so probably time to call it a wrap. You've posted your opinions. Others have posted theirs & now we're just doing deja vu all over again.

Au contraire, I think we are moving to an ever closer understanding.

And let's face it, Evernote still can't display its picture notes correctly after all this time, so apparently lack of progress is not a deal-breaker!

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Andrew Sales, given how upset you are at Evernote (the program's) functionalities and Evernote (the company's) priorities, it sounds like you'll never be happy with either one. Sorry to hear that, since, flaws and all, a lot of us find a lot of use for it—and find it enhanced by third-party apps that play well with it.

I do find this sort of cod-psychoanalytical hand waving excuse amusing! It's not even your company!

This is a user forum, not an official support forum (though Evernote staff do sometimes peek in and contribute too), and peter is an Evernote user who is helpful in these forums. Nobody who has responded to your post is an employee, nor are we compensated for our time here. We just like to try to help out other users with their Evernote problems, where we can. I suggest you try it for awhile yourself, rather than insult the folks who, despite their good intentions, are not giving you what you want.

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If Evernote does not do what someone considers a deal breaker then wouldn't it be a better use of time to go to a product that does? I don't think the Evernote "guys" would even be hurt at that. They have said as much in the past that Evernote is not for everyone and that's ok with them.

A better product like what?

]Edited: Removed the dead horse beating. I hadn't seen page 2 of the comments before posting my reply. BnF is right - this needs to be put to rest.

Yes, you are right, others have already produced the helpful reply of questioning my right to continued comment, my use of time and finishing with "if you don't like it why don't you take a hike".

I can't help but feel that some of you are emotionally identified with this service and feel upset that I'm making a fuss about a flaw.

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No, we just store the raw JPEG that we receive. The orientation difference is more of a "lack of a feature" (support for the EXIF rotation tag) than a bug. We're just displaying the image using the default JPEG image rendering tools from the OS, which don't handle this rotation extension.

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I hadn't even realised that this feature "worked"; I've always a$sumed that my computer had crashed and re-booted.

In its current form the feature would seem to be almost unusable and as such should really be removed from the public release.

Rotating an image is easy, simple and, most importantly, quick via so many other methods that if it's going to be included in Evernote it needs to be equally efficient not to mention leaving the file format and any embedded metadata unchanged.

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Still doing it with the new Evernote version. Apparently if I shoot the picture from a new note itself it works, but there you will have a heavy big picture. I'd rather take the pic from the iPhone camera, then e-mail a note to my Evernote e-mail and then I choose "medium" size. That's when I receive the images with the wrong orientation.

Funny thing is, I tried to shoot a receipt landscape instead of portrait and Evernote brought it upside down! So I guess Evernote has a problem with image orientation no matter what...

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Wow! It finally finished and the resulting image is over 20 Mb! I find the best way is to just double-click the image to edit it locally using Paint.net

That's what I do, but Evernote doesn't always notice the file has been changed, or perhaps the file is locked by Paint.NET and Evernote can't reload it? This is an intermittent problem for me on WinXP and Win7

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