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  1. Stupid question: How does this behave on older Android versions? Evernote is listed as being supported by app2sd, so on versions like 2.2 etc. you could move the app to external SD, and I assume the offline data then went there as well (I currently don't have a device I can use to try). The only thing that needed to stay in internal memory is the widget, as widgets never work from SD. It is hard to imagine that there is a performance issue on newer devices if it worked on older ones. But on the other hand my knowledge about both Android and Evernote is limited, so I shouldn't be speculating.
  2. It is true that until today, there are sadly only few apps using the external SD card on newer Android devices. Nevertheless, they exist and here are two apps I have installed that DO use the external SD on my Galaxy SIII: - Audible: You have the choice of internal memory or SD card when storing audio books - NAVIGON select: Navigation system that can store offline maps on the SD card As mentioned somewhere else, some of the stock apps (music and video player, camera, gallery) also use the SD card. With the amount of internal memory available on my phone, I don't mind if the app itself c
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