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  1. Same for me. The clipper is working, but only accessible through the "Tools" Menu or the icon on the command bar. It disappeared from the right-click context menu. Running Windows 7 (Version 6.1, Build 7601: Service Pack 1, 64 bit) and IE Vers. 9.0.8112.16421 (32 bit). That's not a disaster, I am just used to the right-click.
  2. Yoav and Camicia are obviously referring to very different aspects of colour use in Evernote. I understand that Yoav is asking for some kind of display conditions, e.g. "If this note belongs to notebook xyz, display it with a border (or background or whatever) of a specific colour". I have no clue how difficult implementation would be, but IF it was to be done, one could wish for a general way that would also involve tags (like: "If a note is tagged with xyz, display its title in red bold in snippet view"). Now, this is almost certainly not simple anymore. And while I agree that this may be a cool feature, for me personally there are other items which are higher up on my wishlist. Camicia's comment on the other hand was related to formatting text. And while you can format text colour with the note editor of the Mac, Windows and Web client, the Android (and IOS?) clients do not allow this. My opinion is that it would indeed be nice to have more similar features on the different platforms. But rather than colour, two other text formatting issues once again range higher on my wish list: Consistent support of indentation on all platforms Support of sub-/superscript on all platforms (being a research chemist, I MUST MUST MUST have this , and so far only the web service can do it) Obviously everybody has different requirements and therefore different feature requests. In my case, Evernote is giving me most of the features I want. Other apps do have features that are ´nice to have´, but if it comes to functionality I need (attachments, searching, text recognition...), Evernote does it for me.
  3. Stupid question: How does this behave on older Android versions? Evernote is listed as being supported by app2sd, so on versions like 2.2 etc. you could move the app to external SD, and I assume the offline data then went there as well (I currently don't have a device I can use to try). The only thing that needed to stay in internal memory is the widget, as widgets never work from SD. It is hard to imagine that there is a performance issue on newer devices if it worked on older ones. But on the other hand my knowledge about both Android and Evernote is limited, so I shouldn't be speculating.
  4. It is true that until today, there are sadly only few apps using the external SD card on newer Android devices. Nevertheless, they exist and here are two apps I have installed that DO use the external SD on my Galaxy SIII: - Audible: You have the choice of internal memory or SD card when storing audio books - NAVIGON select: Navigation system that can store offline maps on the SD card As mentioned somewhere else, some of the stock apps (music and video player, camera, gallery) also use the SD card. With the amount of internal memory available on my phone, I don't mind if the app itself cannot be transferred to the SD, or even if small volumes of data (settings etc.) can only be stored internally. However, I do mind apps managing larger data volumes and not being able to store them to SD. I have to say that Evernote is the last app of that kind on my phone... This means that although I have a premium account, I use offline notebooks sparingly, which is a shame because I live in an area where permanent internet access can be costly: from my place in Germany it is 5 minutes to Switzerland and 15 minutes to France and most days I divide my time between the three countries. In order to avoid excessive data roaming charges, I restrict data connection to my home network, which means that I am offline quite often. You can imagine that I'd love to hear about progress regarding this matter...
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