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  1. Same for me. The clipper is working, but only accessible through the "Tools" Menu or the icon on the command bar. It disappeared from the right-click context menu. Running Windows 7 (Version 6.1, Build 7601: Service Pack 1, 64 bit) and IE Vers. 9.0.8112.16421 (32 bit). That's not a disaster, I am just used to the right-click.
  2. Sorry, I have to go on a bit.. I don't think I agree with that. If I take a picture with my digital camera in portrait mode, and afterwards I look at the picture on the camera's display, it is in landscape mode. Is it a bug? No, the camera is just not capable of recognizing portrait vs. landscape. If I take a photo with the EN app it behaves exactly like my digital camera. This is because EN does not use my phone's available feature of recognizing portrait vs. landscape. Would it be nice if it did? Yes! Is it a bug? No, it is a missing feature. And therefore in no way different to the sub- / superscript case . I don't mind you repeating your point that this is a very important feature for you. But I have to say that I don't share it. And as the capacity for development at EN is certainly limited, I wouldn't mind if other things are addressed earlier. The fact that implementing this feature may be relatively simple (who knows?) does not change my opinion - as a researcher in a commercial company I learned it the hard way that focusing on many small things can distract you from working on the more complex items. And usually these are the ones that make your product stand out against competition. So I hope that EN is working on something we don't even imagine right now, and we don't miss it at all. But once it is there, we cannot imagine how we ever lived without it ...
  3. The fact that EN doesn't take care of the EXIF orientation is, in my very personal opinion, a deficiency at most, but it is not a bug. In fact there are several other services that do the same. If I take a photo with my Android phone in portrait mode and transfer it by USB to my laptop, it will show up in Windows picture viewer as landscape and I have to rotate it. The same applies if I send that picture by mail to my wife's mobile, although both devices run on Android (but different versions). In any case this is not a big issue for me as I am never sending or uploading a full resolution picture to the cloud anyway, and therefore I always use some kind of image processing before uploading. In my case this is the app "Reduce photo size" - which also shows the image in the "real" orientation and not the one according to the auto-rotate EXIF flag. Reducing image size and rotating by 90° is a matter of seconds. After that the image is shown correctly everywhere, including EN. It is interesting to see in how many very different ways people use EN. For me the main point is neither storing images, nor is it web clippings. I mainly use it to organize files of all kinds, mainly pdf, Excel and Word documents and also mails to a certain extent. The most important features in this context are tags, search, and the possibility to combine a file with short notes about the file. And EN provides by far the best package of features to me for that purpose. For everyone there are of course features that have to be added or improved with utmost urgency. Being a chemist, support of sub- and superscript is MY favourite. But somehow I feel others may have different preferences...
  4. If I understand correctly, you are asking to have a "notebook" column in list view. This is available with the Windows client, I am surprised this is not the case for the Mac client. But once a note is selected and displayed in the preview pane, you will certainly see in which notebook it is filed?
  5. I frequently upload images from camscanner to Evernote. They are always displayed as images (inline), not as attachments, but I am using the Windows (7) client. Therefore, from my perspective, the issue is not with camscanner. The message you get with the attachment, "Unbenannter Dateianhang", meaning unnamed attachment, is strange. Maybe the Mac experts can shed some light?
  6. ...and as jefito already indicated, the Windows client works exactly this way. When creating a new note, this note is assigned to the current notebook, or to the default notebook if working from "all notes". The filtering is not changed when creating a new note. Makes a lot of sense to me. Obviously it means that if one creates a note from the default notebook and then changes the notebook of the note, it will disappear. If you create the note from all notes, it will remain visible. I also seem to have a similar workflow like jefito - I usually send stuff to EN without bothering in the first place about notebooks or tags - everything goes to my ".inbox" first. Once a number of notes have accumulated, I will give them proper titles, tags and THEN assign them to either my "Business" or "Private" notebook; these are the only two I've got. As I am working with the filter set to display only notes from my ".inbox", notes will disappear after I have assigned them to "Business" or "Private", and this is exactly as I like it. It is like working through a stack of papers: You read them, you add a few annotations, you file them in a folder. In the end the stack is gone - my ".inbox" is empty. For me it is logic AND user-friendly, at least if I am the user .
  7. Oops! But anyway, thanks for the link...
  8. I am on a premium account, therefore the OCR and search functions work with pdf files. However, I am a bit confused about highlighting the items that match search terms in pdf documents. Here is an example: I have a scanned document, containing the words "aluminium" and "citric acid". If I do a search, the note containing this pdf shows up all right, although "citric acid" is nowhere in the title, tags or text of the note, just in the pdf. Fine, that is as it should be. However, EN does not highlight the words "aluminium" and "citric acid" in the pdf, which means that I have to use other means to locate the appearance of these words. The pdf was not OCRed or indexed before uploading to EN, which shows that the recognition as such is working well, EN just does not show me the exact location of the match. If I scan business cards and save them as jpg, it DOES highlight search matches. Is this normal intended behaviour, or am I doing something wrong? Oh yes, I am using the Windows client by the way (Windows 7). Any ideas?
  9. I don't know if this is any help, but this is the behaviour I found for moving a picture from an EN note to an outlook message: Drag & drop from EN to outlook -> attachment Copy & paste from EN to outlook -> attachment Drag & drop from Skitch to outlook -> attachment Copy & paste from Skitch to outlook -> message body !! Therefore, this is what I do to get a picture from an EN note to an outlook message body: Right-click on picture in EN note, select "Markup with Skitch" CTRL-c Click in outlook message body CTRL-v Obviously, this needs Skitch to be installed
  10. I normally encrypt any content that is remotely sensitive before I send it to Evernote. With meaningful titles and tagging it is still easy to find what I am looking for. Sometimes however, the convenience of EN makes you act just a little bit too quickly...and a mail with an attachment that I would normally encrypt has been sent to the service before the brain starts functioning properly. It happened to me today, but fortunately there is no harm done as the content is after all not soooo sensitive. However, it made me think about how to handle this is general. If I mistakenly upload something to EN that should not be there, or should at least be encrypted, what are my options? This is my reasoning, and please correct me if I am wrong: If I am working from a desktop client application, in my case the Windows client, and I realize my mistake immediately, I can delete a note I just created (for example by hitting the "add to EN" button in outlook) before the next sync. This requires me to delete it from the trash as well. Right? If I send anything to my Evernote e-mail address, it will directly go to the server, therefore the option above is not valid. If I modify a note, let's say I replace a non-encrypted version of an attached file by an encrypted one, this doesn't help me because the note history will keep the old version. If I delete a note, and I also delete it from the trash, then ??? This is not really clear to me... Looking at all this, I am thinking about setting a local notebook as my standard one. This way everything remains local in the first place, I can edit or delete it with immediate effect and move it to a synced notebook afterwards. Comments are appreciated
  11. About three years ago, someone managed to get access to an e-banking account of mine and it is only because of 2fa that no money was stolen. Fortunately, the bank was using 2fa right since I started e-banking with them many years ago. At that time you received a printed list of transaction codes that you used one after the other. However, these codes were only required to start a transaction, you could log into your account to see your balance just with ID/password. One day I was informed that there had been three attempts to transfer money from my account to an account in Russia, but that the transfers had not been permitted because the transaction codes entered had not been correct. The bank blocked my account and it turned out that someone had been able to log in with my ID/password, had started the transaction, but had entered wrong transaction codes. My password at this time was unique, reasonably strong, but I did not change it every month... I still have no clue who gained access to my account or how it was done, but as a consequence I wiped my computer and re-installed everything from scratch. At the same time the bank introduced an improved authentication system using a little code generator device that operates with my ATM card. With this 'live' experience of the benefits of 2fa in mind, I very much appreciate that EN intends to introduce it, and I hope it will come soon. At the same time I am also hoping for improvements regarding the encryption of the database. Currently I encrypt sensitive data myself (mostly as .zip archives), but a build-in option to encrypt the entire content of notes, rather than only text, would be highly appreciated.
  12. Hi Scott, encouraged by your incredibly fast reponse I did the update and it worked flawlessly! Many thanks! J.
  13. I hope that with all the turmoil related to the password reset someone will find the time to give me some advice on this topic: I have Evernote installed on my company laptop running Windows 7. I do not have admin rights on this computer, but was nevertheless able to install Evernote ( without problems. Now I am wondering if my system will also allow me to go through the update or if I will run into any issues. I tried to search the net and this forum, but what I found wasn't conclusive (at least not for me...). So far I postponed the update, and EN is running fine after the password reset on all my devices. But eventually I'll have to go for it... Does anybody have any experience in this regard or any advice? Many thanks for your feedback.
  14. Yoav and Camicia are obviously referring to very different aspects of colour use in Evernote. I understand that Yoav is asking for some kind of display conditions, e.g. "If this note belongs to notebook xyz, display it with a border (or background or whatever) of a specific colour". I have no clue how difficult implementation would be, but IF it was to be done, one could wish for a general way that would also involve tags (like: "If a note is tagged with xyz, display its title in red bold in snippet view"). Now, this is almost certainly not simple anymore. And while I agree that this may be a cool feature, for me personally there are other items which are higher up on my wishlist. Camicia's comment on the other hand was related to formatting text. And while you can format text colour with the note editor of the Mac, Windows and Web client, the Android (and IOS?) clients do not allow this. My opinion is that it would indeed be nice to have more similar features on the different platforms. But rather than colour, two other text formatting issues once again range higher on my wish list: Consistent support of indentation on all platforms Support of sub-/superscript on all platforms (being a research chemist, I MUST MUST MUST have this , and so far only the web service can do it) Obviously everybody has different requirements and therefore different feature requests. In my case, Evernote is giving me most of the features I want. Other apps do have features that are ´nice to have´, but if it comes to functionality I need (attachments, searching, text recognition...), Evernote does it for me.
  15. I use my Android phone with these two apps: CamScanner (pro version): Takes the picture and automatically improves it (removes distortion, adjusts contrast etc.), creates pdfReduce Photo Size: Does what it saysAs you can share the picture between these apps and from both of them directly into Evernote, this works surprisingly smooth. You'll find a bit more detail here http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33695-evernote-smart-notebook-by-moleskine-for-android/?p=188971 and here http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33695-evernote-smart-notebook-by-moleskine-for-android/?p=189088.
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