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(Archived) Hello and Intro from Head of Skitch

Joe Lopez

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Hello Everyone, I thought I would introduce myself to the Skitch community.

My name is Joe, and I recently joined Evernote as the Head of Skitch. Day to day I'm responsible for Skitch as an app and a business, but more importantly I'm here to enable our amazing team to deliver a great user experience. I've been in software and Internet tech for a long time and I'm a long time user of Skitch and Evernote, and I now have the pleasure of working with one of the best teams I've ever seen.

Being able to work for a company you admire and on a product you love is a dream come true. Especially when it is located in my adopted hometown (yay, Austin, TX). But I really am happy I get to contribute toward making Skitch the best it can be.

I've joined the Skitch team at an interesting point in its history. In case you haven't read it, I highly recommend you read Keith Lang's blog entry (found here) as he touches upon how Skitch came to be, what it is and where we are going. While Keith's blog is Mac centric, his words ring true about how we think about Skitch as a whole. In his post he references ‘deictic gesture', but I prefer his 'grunt and point' analogy.

Skitch is all about communicating visually. Since the dawn of time we've communicated visually, and we believe that Skitch is the best tool to enable visual communication. Now that we've done the hard work of making Skitch virtually available to everyone (did I mention Skitch is now available on iOS, Mac, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Desktop?), we now get to focus on the really exciting business of making Skitch the go to app for visual communication.

Since I've joined in September we've launched Skitch onto two new platforms (Windows 8 and Windows Desktop), re-launched onto one (Android), and have released numerous updates across all of them; but we are not done. The Skitch 2.0 base is our platform for further building out existing and new features (Mac users check out Keith's post for some inside info). And right now we've got our work cut out for us on making it a better user centric app.

I can't spill the beans on the new features we have coming out in the future, but we are splitting our time between new things that will take us to the next step in visual communication as well as improving the existing experience. I'm, really we, are asking that you continue to provide us with feedback on how we can make the product better.

On behalf of myself, and the entire Skitch team, thank you for using Skitch, please sign up for our beta program (if you haven't already) and please keep the feedback coming.

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Thanks all. I appreciate the welcoming and am glad we have a passionate userbase. It means we have to work harder to ensure we deliver a great app for all of our users.

Please be nice to Keith. If he gets mad I fear he might sick a kola on me. Keith assures me that are not really cute and cuddly. Direct any ire my way, as I don't own a kola or know where to get one. :)

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'he might sick a kola[sic] on me.'

Consider yourself sicced.

I'm very happy to have Joe on the team. Joe brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and will help us to put out regular, great updates for all you guys. And he's super nice too.

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please sign up for our beta program (if you haven't already) and please keep the feedback coming.

How do we sign up for the Skitch beta?

Hit me up on one of the beta threads. You're already in there and I've got you down for Skitch Mac already, so you're golden for when we start getting users involved on the beta.

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