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  1. Smushing the sidebar closed is really nice but we lose our shortcuts. It would be nice if there was a shortcuts icon and clicking it popped out a box with our shortcuts.
  2. CLick on the notebook icon, or wide your note window. I believe this is the new way the toolbar dynamically shrinks depending on the size of your window. Clicking the notebook icon does not show which Notebook the note is currently in (it only presents a list of notebooks I could move it into). And my note window is as wide and I can make it on my 13.3" screen. Edit: I see now that there's a tiny checkmark next to the current notebook that I have to find by scrolling through the entire list of notebooks. So, yeah, I still can't really see what notebook my note is in
  3. Why? Because true markdown allows the user to view the formatting and let's the user move text from one application to another preserving the markdown tags (portable). This implementation is really just alternative keyboard shortcuts to enable formatting, so instead of typing cmd+i italics cmd+i, I can type *italics*. I can't see the tags that I have applied, I can't edit them and I certainly can't take the text to another Markdown editor and update it. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care less about Markdown, I think it's a piece of techie niche functionality that the vast majority of users won't ever use. But if you are going to say you are going to do something then you should do it properly or else you'll get the feedback you deserve. That's where I figured you were going, but I wasn't sure.
  4. Can't see what notebook my note is in: https://www.evernote.com/l/AA3x3IQLE9FJGo81WZ7xQgeWQmVoRBC1z4Q
  5. Markdown requests: > for blockquote # for header levels
  6. Do I need to wait to close the tab until I get the "success" box from the Clipper?
  7. I'll probably just leave all the notes as-is in my current account and forget about it. The return on any investment more than just clicking a button to change ownership just isn't there Thanks for the ideas.
  8. What am I doing wrong? I'm taking paper notes in a notebook during a meeting, then when I'm home, I take a picture of the page with Scannable and save it to Evernote. It's coming up as a .png which makes it so it doesn't show up in Evernote.
  9. That's a good idea, but it's really just this one notebook -- with 1,400+ notes -- that would need to be transferred. The other 5000+ notes are mine
  10. Unfortunately the notebook is also shared with a number (10+) of other colleagues who would benefit from keeping access to it. I have one in mind who would be the ideal "owner" ("head curator"). I realize the new answer is "Have the person re-share the notebook with everyone" but that's easier said than done for this group of users. (We've had sharing issues in the past that have turned some folks off to the process.) So, while I appreciate the ideas and they would work in the right context -- I forgot the whole context of the situation. Sorry!
  11. I have a notebook full of teaching resources, but I've recently changed teaching positions. I want to give ownership of the notebook to one of my former teammates so that I can remove the notes from my account. How do I do that? The notebook is currently shared to the person I want to give ownership.
  12. Just wanted to say I had one of those said-it-aloud-as-I-thought-it moments when first opening 6.1: "Oh my gosh, the sidebar is so much better." Thank you.
  13. I clipped a web article, then chose Annotate entire note as PDF. Then, the original URL was gone. So, now I have a PDF of a web article, but I don't have the URL of the article anymore. Edit: OK, so I just realized that it actually creates a new note with the PDF. If that's the case (which is fine, I guess) then all the metadata should get transferred over. The new note doesn't even keep the tags of the original note! The assumption for the user has to be "This note is being turned into a PDF" not "This note is being turned into a new, blank note with a PDF in it." Those are two totally different things.
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