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I've been using Evernote for a couple of weeks now, and would love to use it exclusively, but the inability to link notes together in a "wiki" like structure is killing me. I've seen other posts mentioning that this feature may have existed in the windows client at some point, and that it's on the todo list, but is there any approximate release date? You've got me signed up for a year of service the day it happens but until then I guess I'm sticking with VoodooPad.

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I found a way to insert a link to other files on my computer, including other notes and pfds (so I can have a link to the pdf rather than having it open automatically inside the note), using MS Word and Firefox. It's not pretty, but it works. If anyone can improve on this, please post. Enjoy!

Open MS Word document in Web page format, insert hyperlink (command-K, document, select). Make sure that the link works within MS Word and save as a Web page. Open with firefox. Copy link location (control-click) and paste into note.

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while this is a great idea i doubt if the EN developers have the wherewithal or interest in doing this.

i've been setting up various specific wikis on google sites (sites.google.com) for work and have been wondering why i can't do this in evernote. does anyone know of a similar hosted multiplatform wiki? basically a linkable evernote.

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Another +1 nag.

It feels like a sledgehammer to crack a nut to fire up VirtualBox to run Windows + Onenote on my macbook for sets of notes that need interlinking. But sometimes it's an indispensable nut ...

(Possible collateral benefit: easy linking between notes might attenuate the 'hierarchical notebooks' meme a bit. Well, maybe.)

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Another enthusiastic vote for adding the capacity to hyperlink notes to each other. Not having this feature stifles the organization and retrieval of information. Tagging is great, but when the number/diversity of notes starts exploding, tags just don't cut it. Hope to see links between notes soon!

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I've recently stumbled across Evernote and after a couple minutes of testing linking documents is the first and very essential feature I'm missing.

This is no longer an optional feature for everything buckets like Evernote. Voodoopad has been supporting this ever since I can remember. Scanning the forum it looks like this feature has been requested for over a year now by a lot of users.

Is there any chance that we will see an implementation of this soon ? Or am I overlooking something ?

I can hardly believe that such an essential feature has not yet been implemented.

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I second this!

I have previously been frustrated by the inability to link to EN notes from other applications too. Not being able to link within EN itself might be even more disappointing – I can't quite decide. Anyway, I think both should be high on the priority list for the next update – now that the iPhone app is working well, I'm hoping engberg might find the time for this ;)

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