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  1. Good point, Dave! I can't find this feature request for macOS, though, but here is the one for iOS. If you read this, you should probably click the link and upvote it.
  2. +1 for this. I have used EN a little bit for code snippets, but have mostly given up on it, partly because of the lack of syntax highlighting. I doubt I would write my code snippets in Evernote, I am too comfortable with Textmate for that, but it could be nice place to dump and search for the snippets – rather than the long txt files I use for snippets now.
  3. Thanks for your reply, lucianofuentes! And yes, something like a .webloc is exactly what I mean. I was hoping for a link that could be clicked directly from the Finder. What you describe with Multimarkdown Editor is not quite that – if I understand you correctly you're saying I can create a note that I will have to open to click the link(s) contained in it? (Or maybe I could do it from Quick Look?)
  4. I just recently realized that note links (I feature that I was really longing for when I started using Evernote way back when) was introduced several years ago without my noticing . So now I'm finally coming to grips with it. The first obstacle I've run into is that I can't find a way to put an Evernote note link into a folder in Finder. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  5. I finally found a solution to this problem! A an Evernote user has made a nice little app for this called Taggy. Four bucks in the Mac App Store.
  6. I second this. (On a related note, it is also too hard to reorder items on a checklist in Evernote. My girlfriend and I have been using it a bit for our common shopping lists, but we've given up on it.)
  7. After having avoided using bulleted lists for quite some time, I just tried them again -- and was pleasantly surprised. Is it just me, or has bulleted lists generally, and cutting and pasting within them especially, gotten better? I also discovered a keyboard shortcut to toggle them on and off that I had not seen before: cmd-shift-U. (That might just have be me who was not looking in the right place earlier, though.)
  8. Good to hear that others are experiencing this as well. My Evernote has been driving me crazy with its beachballing after I updated. Which email adress do you want the log files sent to?
  9. Thank for your replies! The thread BurgersNFries link to gives a good answer to my question. (I searched for "subtag", which is probably why I didn't find this and many other threads.) I still think it would be good to have this as an option in preferences, but at least I now have an easier time making my peace with it
  10. I haven't used subtags much before, but I always thought the ability to create subtags was neat — because I assumed that when I tagged a note with a subtag, it was also tagged with all the parent tags. E.g. if I have a tag "Work" with a subtag "Project1", I would expect all notes tagged with "Project1" to show up when I view everything tagged "Work". I was baffled when I found out that this was not the case. After a bit of searching I found one thread in the Windows forum that requests this as a feature. Can anyone see any reason why this was not implemented in the first place? And, when this is not the case, what is the point of subtags?
  11. Thanks for your reply, BurgersNFries, but it doesn't really adress my question. I do use the web clipper (for Firefox), and that works fine for its use. Sometimes you find a snippet of info on a web page (or an entire web page for that matter) that you'd like to keep, then the web clipper's awesome. Sometimes, though, you just want to insert a link to a web page in the EN document that you are writing (for example a list of ads for cars you consider buying). Then the web clipper doesn't really help you.
  12. I often collect a lot of links in a single EN document. I was wondering if (or hoping that) there might be some simple way to save an open web page to an EN document I am editing. The ideal would be to drag and drop a tab to the open EN window and get a hyperlink with the web page's title as text. This doesn't seem to work, however. I am aware I can use the web clipper, but that creates a new EN document for each clipping, which is usually not what I want. The way I do this now (when I was just collecting links for possible used cars to buy for example) is to copy and paste a line of text from the web page (very often the same as the title of the page), paste that into the EN doc, switch back to the browser and copy the url, and create a link of the text with cmd-K. It works, but it's a bit cumbersome. Isn't there a simpler way to do this? There sure should be.
  13. Thanks for clearing this up, Allworld and engberg! Sad to hear that nothing is likely to happen on this front in the near future. It's not really a question of Omnifocus integration I think, but of the ability to link to a specific Evernote document from any application, including Evernote itself. Of course something that worked only for OF would be a great help in and of itself, but I suspect that something that worked for OF would work for most other OSX apps as well.
  14. Great to hear that you're looking into this, engberg! If you managed to create good support for multi-level lists within Evernote would be amazing! A "good support" for this would in my humble opinion include the ability to both create and reorder such lists entirely by keyboard. Another possible solution would be the ability to view OO3 notes within Evernote of course… Either one would do. Keep up the good work
  15. Thanks for your reply, Kevin! I'm disappointed, though. I was hoping to be able to view my oo3 notes on the iPhone. as well as from a web browser on any machine. That would have solved EN's outlining problems (cf. these threads) and I would gladly have paid quite handsomely for it. If I can't view my oo3 notes in EN, I don't really see why I should dump them there. I already have all of them on a free Dropbox account, which syncs them between any machines. If EN can't display them, then the only plus I can see in having them in EN, is being able to search them along with my EN notes. But why not just use Spotlight for that?
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