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  1. I don't care so much about the mentioned vulnerability, but the current encryption solution is unusable for me, since I am not able to encrypt text that includes bullet points or hyperlinks, which most of my notes (including those that are sensitive) do. My concern is primarily avoiding that a sensitive note pops up in a search in a professional setting and I am really disappointed that Evernote makes this practically impossible.
  2. Good point, Dave! I can't find this feature request for macOS, though, but here is the one for iOS. If you read this, you should probably click the link and upvote it.
  3. +1 for this. I have used EN a little bit for code snippets, but have mostly given up on it, partly because of the lack of syntax highlighting. I doubt I would write my code snippets in Evernote, I am too comfortable with Textmate for that, but it could be nice place to dump and search for the snippets – rather than the long txt files I use for snippets now.
  4. I second this. (On a related note, it is also too hard to reorder items on a checklist in Evernote. My girlfriend and I have been using it a bit for our common shopping lists, but we've given up on it.)
  5. After having avoided using bulleted lists for quite some time, I just tried them again -- and was pleasantly surprised. Is it just me, or has bulleted lists generally, and cutting and pasting within them especially, gotten better? I also discovered a keyboard shortcut to toggle them on and off that I had not seen before: cmd-shift-U. (That might just have be me who was not looking in the right place earlier, though.)
  6. I agree completely that EN should be better for outlining than it is currently. I think a solid implementation of bulleted lists would be good enough for that though, especially if it allowed for moving the bullet points around within the lists. I am a big fan of OmniOutliner, which is a quite powerful app; but I have also used the freeware Deep Notes earlier, which is very simple and basically does everything I would need EN to do. What kind of outlining beyond bulleted lists did you envision, cdbeckman?
  7. I think in bulleted lists. That's just the way my head works. So I love the ability to use them in Evernote. And HATE the fact that they are so buggy. One thing is that you can't edit them on the iPhone. This has been commented in here many times, and I see that the iPhone doesn't allow editing styled text – but why can't EN just allow me to add some plain text at the bottom? When I have e.g. a meeting agenda, and another important point pops into my head, it's a ***** to have to write it on a scrap of paper. Adding some plain text at the bottom is not a perfect solution, but it would be good enough. But the most important thing is that reordering a bulleted list in any way is a buggish hell. When I copy and paste within one of my lists, I almost always get some strange result. Bullets disappear, or appear where they aren't supposed to be, etc. etc. I usually have to more or less write the list from scratch if I want to move a point further up. This severely limits the usefulness of bulleted lists. Their strength is their ability to organize thoughts; organization is of little use, though, if you can't reorganize. Does anybody have an explanation for why all these bugs appear. Is it due to some inherent limitation in the format, or has EN just made a hash of it? Any chance it will be fixed any time soon? (Accidentally posted this in the iPhone forum yesterday. Moved it here.)
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