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  1. I don't care so much about the mentioned vulnerability, but the current encryption solution is unusable for me, since I am not able to encrypt text that includes bullet points or hyperlinks, which most of my notes (including those that are sensitive) do. My concern is primarily avoiding that a sensitive note pops up in a search in a professional setting and I am really disappointed that Evernote makes this practically impossible.
  2. Good point, Dave! I can't find this feature request for macOS, though, but here is the one for iOS. If you read this, you should probably click the link and upvote it.
  3. +1 for this. I have used EN a little bit for code snippets, but have mostly given up on it, partly because of the lack of syntax highlighting. I doubt I would write my code snippets in Evernote, I am too comfortable with Textmate for that, but it could be nice place to dump and search for the snippets – rather than the long txt files I use for snippets now.
  4. I second this. (On a related note, it is also too hard to reorder items on a checklist in Evernote. My girlfriend and I have been using it a bit for our common shopping lists, but we've given up on it.)
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