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  1. Evernote guys: please, please consider this. Removal of the classic note links as default was a bad enough regression for power users (albeit an understandable choice for others), but making the classic links so hard to get to is a total pain. The best, most mac-like choice would be to make the 'classic note link' available as a 'Note' menu option when the opt key is held (cf Finder Go->Library). That way a user can add their own App Shortcut in System Prefs.
  2. No, the current version requires either iOS6 or 7 (don't remember, but in any case the iPad 1 only supports 5.1). But fairly recently Apple started allowing the App Store to serve up older versions of an app for precisely this purpose. It's just that Evernote aren't taking advantage of this (very useful) facility yet.
  3. The 'including Evernote' bit isn't exactly true. There is a version that runs OK, if a little slowly, on the iPad 1 (I don't have the version number handy). The only problem is that Evernote hasn't taken advantage of the (very useful, and quite recent) AppStore facility that makes older versions available to older devices. I would put in a support request to the Evernote team asking them to enable the older version for installation on iPad 1. They might refuse, but there's no harm asking. While it's true that the iPad 1 can't run any app that requires iOS 6 or above, it's still a perfectly useful and capable device for the apps it does run. I know of plenty in use.
  4. Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep an eye out for it. I appreciate your responsiveness here -- helps me feel more justified in renewing my subscription
  5. One further point on this (consider it a feature suggestion): for those of us who want to clip speedily, why not include an option to just be able to clip straight to the default notebook if 'Save' is hit before the clipper has loaded the notebooks? Alternatively (or, also) could the clipper do something about caching the notebook list. In-use it appears that caching is either non-existent or very unaggressive (it looks to me like the notebook list is loaded on every use).
  6. @jbignert: Thanks for that. It rings true: my workflow is to just very rapidly throw stuff into my default notebook, and sort/tag them later in Evernote itself rather than in the clipper. So I do invoke the clipper and hit enter quickly. Knowing what's going on will make this less frustrating. On a subsidiary note (which perhaps merits a new thread), judging from my recent experience Evernote needs to improve training for support personnel, and/or to take some time pressure off by hiring more. There's little point in offering premium users 'priority' support if the means of delivering it is for support folk to have to work so fast that they don't read the support request (which is obviously what has happened in my case). I'd prefer 72 hour support with basic reading comprehension included than 24 hour without.
  7. I did end up renewing my premium subscription today. And then, on the first clip attempt ... \ .... aargh.
  8. And the most recent response from Evernote Support: (What on earth is the point of offering 'premium' support if the support staff don't bother reading the request?) Risible.
  9. My premium subscription is due tomorrow, and I've come to the same conclusion. This is too basic a failure to reward with payment. Evernote clearly has developers capable of creating a clipper that works, and managers are choosing not to put the resources there (or to prioritise bling over quality, which pretty much defines 'manager'). Shame there isn't a good cross-platform alternative. There are very good single-platform options (OneNote on Windows, VoodooPad on the mac), but I know of nothing with Evernote's reach.
  10. @jbignert The last email I had from Evernote Support (14/1/14) told me that this was indeed a bug in the clipper. For me it works about 1/3 of the time. If I hit the plugin icon a 2nd time while the everlasting "Clipping .." of doom is still going, perhaps 50% of the time it will resolve things for that one clip attempt. In practice, it's too frustrating to bother using. I have a few plugins installed, but when this started I had only two: 1Password, and Ghostery (the latter with evernote.com whitelisted). I do have 3rd party cookies blocked, but as this is a Safari default I imagine most people do (they'd be dumb not to). Premium subscription is up in 3 days, and I'm torn. What's the point of an everything bucket that makes ubiquitous capture difficult? Can't you just provide a simple local clipper, stripped of the bells and whistles, that just grabs stuff quickly?
  11. As a temporary expedient, I recommend the pretty good PopClip, along with an automator service to invoke it from the keyboard. It's still a little clumsy for a whole page (cmd-A to select all, then invoke popclip, then select the evernote popclip item), but it actually works, unlike the Evernote web clipper, and it's fast.
  12. That so many of us still capture to Evernote by primitive means like email or copy and paste, is pretty sad. I'm not ready to ditch Evernote Premium because it has so many other benefits. And I think the clients (OS X and Android are my most-used) are rather good. But fast capture is so foundational a feature for Evernote, I'm amazed it has been this bad for this long. I'd love to know the real story why. It can't fundamentally be a technical issue. Probably some imbecilic manager insists on features or approaches that the dev team just can't make work.
  13. I've just installed this and restarted Safari (7.0.1 on Mavericks), and it's failed at the first jump! Trying to clip this page give me the infamous stuck Clipping "..." message, which is just about all I get from the clipper these days. In fact for practical daily purposes I've given up on the web clipper -- I just copy all and paste into a new note, or use PopClip's Evernote action. I'm in danger here of spouting the irritated and clueless users' "but surely you can just fix this one thing ..!" old saw, but will narrowly avoid it. I know these things can be hard to get right. But fast, reliable capture is truly crucial for a tool like Evernote. The current situation is most frustrating. I have to say I wish we could just have a fast, simple, local clipper. Fling captured html into a new note, sync it up, and worry about the details later. The features of the new clipper are lovely and all, but it doesn't actually work. As a user, it is an obstacle.
  14. It's crucial that any app that uses notifications allows the user whether or not to accompany those with sounds. All the other apps I use have a notification sound setting. Here's the use case: I want notifications, but I want them asynchronously and silently. I pull down from the top of the screen to see the recent notification queue (that's the asynchronous part), and I don't allow any notifications to ding at me (that's the silent bit). I hate dinging devices, and currently the only dings I get are from Evernote. Setting please!
  15. @GrumpyMonkey: I see, thanks. That's a tad on the clumsy side. The bookmarklet's probably a better option. @evenote folks: using the inbuilt browser could be an acceptable way to clip, if there were an easier way to open pages. How about monitoring the pasteboard for URLs, and offering to open the pasteboard url in Evernote's browser (or even just to clip it directly)?
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