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  1. I'll add my name to the list of those wanting the shortcuts back on a top bar. I try to keep my Left Panel closed.
  2. I'd just like to 'me too' this. A huge percent of my evernotes are notes I take from meetings or research and all those are in outline form using bullets. I'm forever having to reformat. Very frustrating. Simplify Formatting helps, but it's a work-around and doesn't always do the expected thing.
  3. +1! Been waiting soooooo long for this! I was hoping the new release of the windows client would at least have a hint of this, but I see nothing. I agree that this one feature (even in its simplest form - links in notes to other notes) would enhance the usability of EN immensely.
  4. Add me to the list of users anxiously awaiting this feature. Wiki style editing, publishing and history don't interest me, but linking to other notes does. Surprised they would take it out.
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