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(Archived) Screenshot FORMAT png to jpg


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Hi Evernoters!

How on earth do i change my Evernote settings to that when i choose to make a screenshot Evernote creates a jpg instead of a png. Also can I convert my hundreds of previous Evernote screenshots to jpg's within Evernote.

Greatful for anyones feedback

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Evernote does not have a built-in photographic conversion program, fortunately.

If I need a JPG, I use a 3rd party photo editing program before pulling it into Evernote.

I wouldn't bother with the hundreds of png images already in Evernote.

In my opinion, the amount of work required would far outweigh any benefit.

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I agree with jb2 - I use free software XnView (Windows) as a general purpose clipping and graphics conversion tool. If you wanted to bulk change formats you could do so with this app; but only at the cost of re-uploading the pictures as a second bite into your current upload allowance. Not worth it.

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If you use Windows, you may be able to make use of this Registry trick:

If you start a screenshot (Win+PrtScn), and before you let up the mouse button, hold down the Shift key, Evernote will save the screen shot to the desktop, as a .png file. I don't know of any way to change the save format. If you want .jpg files, you'll need to do as gazumped suggests, and use a format converter or picture editor.

HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/TrayApplet/ScreenClipperFileName specifies clipper file name which is set by default to "ScreenClip.png". If you change it to "ScreenClip.jpg" Evernote will save screen shots as JPEG's. You can also specify path and Evernote will save screen shots into the specified path. If you add this path to Tools/Folder Import, your JPEG screen shots will be automatically imported as notes. A little convoluted, but works.


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I did, just now.  I don't have that registry key, so I put it in, and set it to "ScreenClip.jpg".  Did the usual Ctrl+Q thing and restart, did a screen clip, made no difference, still got a .png

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Hang on, it doesn't affect what gets clipped directly into EN, but it does work for screenshots saved to the desktop, which you can them move into EN.


So, from kvitekp's post, I can change the path from desktop to some other folder?  What's the key for that?  I'm going to have to try that as well.

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Oh.  I got it to work in V5 eventually, well at least the clips are stated to be JPG in Evernote.  Here's my tutorial but it's just a re-vamp of the thread you linked:

Quit Evernote including the tray


In RegEdit, go to  HKCU\Software\Evernote\Evernote\TrayApplet


Right-click the right pane and create New > String Value


Name it ScreenClipperFileName


Then double-click the new key and give it the path to your Evernote import folder, eg:


C:\users\John Smith\Desktop\My Evernote


Restart Evernote


Actually doing the clip is a bit cumbersome:


Win+PrtSc, then hold down the shift key as you drag the area for clipping.  As you define the clip it says (to desktop) but it goes to the folder you specified above and gets immediately imported to EN as a JPG.  This assumes you have the example folder defined as an import folder.


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