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  1. No. You install the plugin 'Note Tabs' and then you get the charmingly old-fashioned Multiple Document Interface with as many notes as you like open in tabs across the top. Or the side. And you can pin the tabs so they always open with a given note, even between app restarts.
  2. @ThomasCee, for me it was the dropping of local notebooks that drove the move. I have some stuff that I will upload to the cloud only if it's E2E encrypted. Stuff that I have in Joplin is really only for desktop use, it actually doesn't even need to be saved to the cloud. I have set up sync with OneDrive and installed the iOs app to test it, which is ok, because it's encrypted and only I have the key. I could probable migrate fully to Joplin but I don't think I will. Joplin visually is like an older version of Evernote. With a plugin I can see the created date in the note list, but the recent release v3 does it natively. I'd say the biggest limitation is not being able to execute a saved search - but there's a work-around that I can live with. I tried Obsidian and installed it twice. I deleted it after I got settled with Joplin but tried it again largely because of Ferol's experience. But despite all the customisation options with plugins the note list cannot show the created date, and the way the list is sorted I think is strange - it's sorted on the file system date stamp yet it has a 'created' property in each note. You can edit the property but it will not affect the sort. Now if there were an option to sort by the 'created' property* that would do it for me - except it still doesn't handle PDFs as seamlessly as Joplin and Evernote. * I wouldn't be surprised if it's possible with a plugin but I didn't find one. There are also plugins to tinker with the date stamps and all sorts of stuff.
  3. I used my Evernote local folders as a repository for 'work' stuff. a lot of PDFs with notes. Noteapps.info whittled my 9 essential features down to just 2 contenders. If I check 'Local Folders' Evernote drops out of the list leaving Joplin as the only possibility. Obsidian may be a contender if plugins are included but it has an unfathomable method of sorting the note list, a shame because I may have preferred it to Joplin. Pretty sure I'll be renewing Evernote because, despite the price, there's nothing else on offer that ticks all the boxes. My local folders are now in Joplin - just (pre-) released in v3 with enhancements to the note list - getting better for me.
  4. Well, Notion does not support client-side encryption. My issue with EN isn't so much the cost, I'd just pay the increased tariff if it was right but I have a problem with uploading all of my unencrypted notes to the cloud. So it's the removal of local notebooks that's the biggie. I quite like the new UI. I love the instant sync, but in truth I have no need for it. I'm not a big user of note formatting capabilities, don't use columns or grids so they are not really on my requirements list. I tried Obsidian for a few days but i don't find the UI very friendly. Note titles are simply the name of the target file in the OS so you cannot have notes with duplicate names, so when I imported the ENEX to Obsidian it simply appended a number to all of the dupes. I have notes with duplicate names where they are basically the same but for a different time period - and in Evernote I can see the created date in the note list. There are not many of these scores of alternatives that are actually capable of showing the created date in the note list, with a thumbnail, and with PDF files already rendered when you click on the note. I got excited by NotesNook for a little while because of the security but the notes list suffers from the same shortcomings. I also wrote off Joplin a while ago because of this but on a re-visit and investigation of the plugins I've got an installation that has almost all of those features. PDF attachments don't show as thumbnails but they are rendered in the note. Images do appear as thumbnails and I have a configuration that shows the created date and the tags in the note list, similar to EN. However there remains a big omission which is that Joplin does not have a Shortcut panel. There is a plugin ('Favorites') which shows shortcuts to Notebooks and Tags but isn't fully implemented for Saved Searches. The developer says he can't implement it. You can save your Saved Searches to the panel, but it takes a single mouse-click on the named Saved Search, then Ctrl+V to requery the notes list. It's clumsy but I can live with it. I've discovered some brilliant features that will really enhance my workflow. I'm usually working across a range of notes at once. The History plugin shows all the visited notes over as long a time period as you wish (grouped by date). The Tabs plugin allows a note to be retained in a tab whilst you go off and visit others. The Calendar plugin shows notes created or updated on any day. The creation date can be amended quickly by keying 09032024, none of this nonsense where you have to type 08 then key the slash etc. etc. My intention was/is to retain EN and use Joplin as a replacement for Local Notebooks. The use case is slightly different, Joplin would be for desktop pc based financial stuff and EN would be mostly for stuff of peripheral interest and which I use on the move. But I like Joplin so much I'm asking myself why don't I migrate to it full-time? I set up the sync to test it. It has client side encryption which makes the deprecation of Local Notebooks issue go away. It works with Dropbox and OneNote, but it's not especially quick. Once the updated note is downloaded the client has do decrypt it again. I haven't tested out Joplin Cloud which they claim is faster. The rich text editor has some shortcomings, clearly identified by Joplin, but I think I can live with them. The web clipper works only if you have a Cloud subscription so I didn't test it. The iPhone app is clunky but usable. Saved Favorites are not duplicated to the other clients, unfortunately. Incidentally Joplin did not make any complaint about my mis-formed Tags which Evernote is perfectly happy with but Obsidian demanded that they were renamed. I like Joplin but I still like Evernote. My current thinking is that I'll be keeping Evernote and it will live side by side with Joplin on my desktop PC, I'll ditch the iPhone app and won't bother with sync, and Joplin will simply replace my Local Notebooks. So I'm not flouncing off just yet ...
  5. I have a few dozen historic documents which I scanned and imported years ago and changed the created date to pre-1999. In Evernote 10.78.2, they always appear in my 'Today' shortcut. On my cellphone, using the same shortcut, I see only the notes created or updated today.
  6. Well I hadn’t realised that Import Folders was another feature missing from the Mac version. But with your prompting I got the import Folder Action script to run which asks which notebook to send the notes to, and it can be a local notebook. So the automatic sync is no longer a security issue for me. From here: http://veritrope.com/evernote-desktop-folder/ Thank you !
  7. Still no selective sync for Mac ? My son gave me his redundant MacBook Pro and is trying to convert me from being a long time Windows user. My protests that I have some legacy Windows applications were silenced when he got them up and running on the Mac remotely from his desk. The irony is that it might be Evernote that stops me from migrating. The application isn’t quite as feature rich as the Windows version, but I’d live with that, but what I may not be able to live with is the automatic sync. It’s not space that’s an issue as it has a 2TB SSD, it’s security. With Evernote for Windows, I scan a bunch of documents, send them to Evernote, organise them into cloud or local notebooks, tag them, and only then do I sync. With Mac, they go to the cloud before I get chance to organise them, including some sensitive stuff that I don’t want there. I can’t select my local notebook as the default for import. Any workaround for this ? I can move them after sync and re-sync but as I understand it they could lie unencrypted on Evernote’s servers for, who knows how long. And I'm quite getting to like the MacBook.
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