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  1. Well I hadn’t realised that Import Folders was another feature missing from the Mac version. But with your prompting I got the import Folder Action script to run which asks which notebook to send the notes to, and it can be a local notebook. So the automatic sync is no longer a security issue for me. From here: http://veritrope.com/evernote-desktop-folder/ Thank you !
  2. Still no selective sync for Mac ? My son gave me his redundant MacBook Pro and is trying to convert me from being a long time Windows user. My protests that I have some legacy Windows applications were silenced when he got them up and running on the Mac remotely from his desk. The irony is that it might be Evernote that stops me from migrating. The application isn’t quite as feature rich as the Windows version, but I’d live with that, but what I may not be able to live with is the automatic sync. It’s not space that’s an issue as it has a 2TB SSD, it’s security. With Evernote for Windows, I scan a bunch of documents, send them to Evernote, organise them into cloud or local notebooks, tag them, and only then do I sync. With Mac, they go to the cloud before I get chance to organise them, including some sensitive stuff that I don’t want there. I can’t select my local notebook as the default for import. Any workaround for this ? I can move them after sync and re-sync but as I understand it they could lie unencrypted on Evernote’s servers for, who knows how long. And I'm quite getting to like the MacBook.
  3. Here we go again. I figured out part of the problem. There's an ambiguity with assigning a shortcut key with the instruction "any:" to select all notes, clearly I shouldn't have done that. It always reset the Matching parameter to Any. I still have the issue with having to always select the drop-down twice to make it stick ... unless I figure out where I'm going wrong with that edit: Thanks jefito our posts crossed.
  4. I have another gripe with search. One is a usability issue, one may be a bug. When I search for two or more keywords the default search is matching any. I don't find this particularly intuitive since typically I will mentally find a note in my mind, before I actually proceed with the search, by thinking of a couple of words which I think will probably exist in only the one note I want. But searching for those two words returns all notes with either of the two targets. So I've got used to having to go to the search explanation box and changing the "match" drop down from Any to All. This is tedious but made worse on my system by having to do it twice, every time. The first selection of "Any" always fails and the drop-down remains at All. I always have to select Any for a second time for it to stick. Does anyone else see this behaviour? And is there any way to set the default Match to All? Sorry if this has been discussed, I haven't been here for a while.
  5. Oh. I got it to work in V5 eventually, well at least the clips are stated to be JPG in Evernote. Here's my tutorial but it's just a re-vamp of the thread you linked: Quit Evernote including the tray In RegEdit, go to HKCU\Software\Evernote\Evernote\TrayApplet Right-click the right pane and create New > String Value Name it ScreenClipperFileName Then double-click the new key and give it the path to your Evernote import folder, eg: C:\users\John Smith\Desktop\My Evernote Restart Evernote Actually doing the clip is a bit cumbersome: Win+PrtSc, then hold down the shift key as you drag the area for clipping. As you define the clip it says (to desktop) but it goes to the folder you specified above and gets immediately imported to EN as a JPG. This assumes you have the example folder defined as an import folder.
  6. Hang on, it doesn't affect what gets clipped directly into EN, but it does work for screenshots saved to the desktop, which you can them move into EN. So, from kvitekp's post, I can change the path from desktop to some other folder? What's the key for that? I'm going to have to try that as well.
  7. I did, just now. I don't have that registry key, so I put it in, and set it to "ScreenClip.jpg". Did the usual Ctrl+Q thing and restart, did a screen clip, made no difference, still got a .png
  8. Do you mean you want to view notes within a narrow time frame, excluding those before and after? I'm almost certain that the syntax for date filtering always has in implied "or more recent than (newer)" specified. So you can't prevent future dated notes from appearing. The new reminders function in v5 mean that I don't need to forward-date notes any more and this has cleaned up my view searches, for example, "activity today" no longer has any future dated notes appearing. (Apart from an index note dated 31/12/2099 which I always want to see). This might be helpful: http://www.cheatography.com/senseful/cheat-sheets/evernote/
  9. It's a single mouse click if you have the view set to list view, but in snippet or card view you have to pick from the drop-down. I think the usability of EN would be substantially enhanced by making the view options sticky on a per-notebook basis, and/or toolbar icons to quickly set some pre-determined view options. A single button at the top of the snippet and card view to reverse the sort would be a start. Configurable buttons to set the view, sort order and even column widths to pre-set values would be much better. Including a filter/saved search in the button configuration is getting close to perfect. Then, hotkeys to select the buttons. A big part of the usefulness of EN isn't the content of a single note, it's the way a collection of notes is presented, and I agree with joeever that it takes too long to change the presentation.
  10. I had a look at the .enex file for the false positive of "declaration". Declaration is there in plain text and that's what Ctrl+F finds on the note. In the image there is, in small text, the word "registration". In the .enex file, the ocr appears to have had a number of attempts at this and lists them all. So as well as successfully finding "registration" it's also listed a whole load of silly results and the word "ration". Searching EN for "registration" finds this note. Searching EN for "regia" finds it (one of the silly ocr hits) But using Ctrl+F on the note isn't searching the ocr results, just the text results, it seems So finding the word "ration" in this note wasn't the result of finding it embedded in "declaration" but the result of finding it as a bad ocr hit. Has EN always been like this, or is it just v5? Anyway, what does all my obsessive testing mean for me? I've recently started using a small document scanner and PDF OCR the text before it lands in EN, but I have a feeling that my older iPhone-snapped documents are going to be haunting me with false results for a long time. At least it explains why I was getting big search hits that that I wasn't expecting. Also, Ctrl+F doesn't search on the same block of text that the EN search does. I think.
  11. My database isn't very big and it's had plenty of time to index, so I don't think it's that. Your comment about the difference with quoted and un-quoted search strings might explain it though: Two results of searching for "ration" (without quotes) are consistent with "legacy" behaviour: perseveration: Not found because "ration" is embedded and it's a plain text note rationing: found because "ration" is at the start of the word and it's a plain text note. If I search for "ration" in quotes neither of these notes is in the results (because the single word ration isn't there) Inconsistent results (false positive if I can call it that) of searching for ration: declaration, illustration: these words are in editable plain text in notes which also contains images of text. preparation: this is a white on black word, an image, which can't be edited. This note isn't in the results if I search for "ration" (in quotes). So if there's any consistency it's that the "false positive" results are in notes that have images in them. So possibly there's something in the ocr that's skewing the results? Does this indicate that there are two independent search functions at play here? One that invokes when the note contains only plain text, which returns only full matches or beginning matches, and another one that invokes when there is an image in the note, which will return embedded results. I think it does. From the Evernote Search Grammar page: potato matches: "Sweet Potato Pie" does not match: "Mash four potatoes together" - Oh yes it does !
  12. Not in my Evernote ... A search for "ration" A note containing the word "perseveration" is consistently not returned. That's in line with what you're saying. Notes that contain the following words are consistently returned: rationingpreparationsillustrationsdeclaration These are the words that are found when I go to the note and do a Ctrl+F search for "ration". I don't mean I found the note myself and then did Ctrl+f for the word, I mean the EN search box found them. And another note with an image of some text containing the word "Activation"
  13. No, it's not an image, it's editable text pasted from a website with the whole word "Yorkshire". Other notes containing the word "Yorkshire" are returned when a search for hire is made. The search is (apparently) for "words containing the word hire" even though it says I'll get results for "words starting with hire". Evernote edit: But - the actual search doesn't highlight the target words that have been found, even though the note appears in the result filter list. When I Ctrl+F for "hire" on the found note (which I didn't expect to be a result) the "hire" part of "Yorkshire" is highlighted. Another note containing "Yorkshire" (really good clear text in an image) is in the result list, but Ctrl+F for "hire" says "no matches found". So it's very confusing.
  14. The search behaviour is confusing but I haven't been able to really pin down what is happening. I just did a quick test. I searched on "van hire" (without the quotes) in the search box. The search helper said "viewing Any of the following: contains words starting with van hire". It returned a note containing neither van nor hire, but Ctrl+F on the note revealed the complete word Yorkshire. Is this the intended behaviour? Yorkshire doesn't start with hire. It also returned a note with an image containing the word "hire". So far so good, but doing Ctrl+F on the note said it has no instance of the word hire, and the word wasn't highlighted.
  15. There are a few third-party solutions for sending a note to Google Calendar as a task. The one I settled on is a stand-alone script that runs in your Gmail account, and has a special e-mail address that you share a note with (Share > Send by Email in EN) and generates a Google calendar task. I like it because my notes are not shared in the cloud and they only go when I specifically email them to my "calendar" email address. The script is uploaded to Google so it should stay there when I get a new computer (no re-installation necessary). I send my calendar task emails from Evernote but Google doesn't care where they come from - it could just as easily be Outlook with a few tweaks (I haven't tried it). It's geeky to set up but works flawlessly and permanently. hansennick has already shared the source (thank you, hansennick): https://www.evernote.com/shard/s228/sh/954f4a15-7578-4778-a670-0900a47809b5/8b4f8d3c4bfd622b9c3321fcb5d848e5 In the other direction, you can of course simply e-mail anything to your special Evernote address.
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