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  1. Well I hadn’t realised that Import Folders was another feature missing from the Mac version. But with your prompting I got the import Folder Action script to run which asks which notebook to send the notes to, and it can be a local notebook. So the automatic sync is no longer a security issue for me. From here: http://veritrope.com/evernote-desktop-folder/ Thank you !
  2. Still no selective sync for Mac ? My son gave me his redundant MacBook Pro and is trying to convert me from being a long time Windows user. My protests that I have some legacy Windows applications were silenced when he got them up and running on the Mac remotely from his desk. The irony is that it might be Evernote that stops me from migrating. The application isn’t quite as feature rich as the Windows version, but I’d live with that, but what I may not be able to live with is the automatic sync. It’s not space that’s an issue as it has a 2TB SSD, it’s security. With Evernote for Windows, I scan a bunch of documents, send them to Evernote, organise them into cloud or local notebooks, tag them, and only then do I sync. With Mac, they go to the cloud before I get chance to organise them, including some sensitive stuff that I don’t want there. I can’t select my local notebook as the default for import. Any workaround for this ? I can move them after sync and re-sync but as I understand it they could lie unencrypted on Evernote’s servers for, who knows how long. And I'm quite getting to like the MacBook.
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