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Thinner Ink



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+1 Thinner Ink is a mandatory change. I know that the whole Penultimate writing system is carefully designed to encourage the user to write larger so as to maximize the data available for recognition. I definitely understand that imperative. After all, information is useless if you cannot find it when it is needed. The problem is that the whole zoomed input interface goes too far to accommodate future recognition and consequently, it compromises the utility and legibility of the primary data, i.e. handwriting. The width of the stroke is simply too thick to be legible for smaller or closer writing styles.

I would bet that most of the users that are expressing frustration with this issue are using a stylus as their primary input tool. The interface is actually about right if the user writes with their finger, as that method will naturally be a larger script. The stylus users, however, naturally write with a smaller, more compact script. I would suggest that the interface and ink account for the smaller and more precise script automatically when an active stylus is used and a toggle option for the many passive stylus users. Finger writers probably like the interface as it is.


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I can't believe that 2 years later we are all (well, many of us) still waiting for a very basic improvement; Thinner ink options! 


Is it any wonder that NoteShelf has become the note taking app of choice for many Evernote users?

They (Noteshelf developers) have now submitted an update to Apple that will have Automatic Evernote saving!!!! Awesome.


Come on Evernote, listen to us and make your own note taking app (Penultimate) as good as the rest; Smoother, More ink Choices, A better zoom feature...

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+1 that. It really feels a tad too thick for a screen which is not that big. Essentially with that thickness a page is over in like 10 lines.

I would like to add one more to the list. The Evernote export is not retina quality. The notes in Evernote looks kinda blurry. Retina quality export would be great!

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+1 for more, better pen settings, including _much_ finer line widths.  Take a look at Paper by 53 for what can be done while retaining a dead-simple UI, and at Sketchbook Pro for iPad by Autodesk for what can be done to make the app as use-able as possible.


The Moleskine Evernote notebooks (actual tree-space objects) make a nice alternative for those who want good writing/drawing tools, at the cost of having to photograph the pages to get them into one's Evernote database.

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