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  1. FC, total crash in iOS 10 beta 4 I m using an iPad Air 2 Every time i try to open Evernote it crash
  2. Hi: first of all excuse my english I´ve been using penultimate since the last 2 years, i´ve 2 Pens: Jot Touch and Jot Script 2 (I´m using the Jot Touch in my home, and the other one is always in my Bagpack) since the last update of Penultimate, i´m not able to sinchronize the Jot Script 2 using my iPad Air 2. I´ve made all possible solutions: reinstalling Penultimate - no solution restarting Ipad,- no solution enabling, disabling BT - no solultion What can I do? by the other hand: in this version of penultimate (as in the last ones sin
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