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  1. Do you have any notes at all in your account? If so, can you try scrolling in the ones you have to see if your "missing" notes are actually just all a part of one large note? Also, if you are logged in to Evernote and syncing, you can pull down on the notebook icon at the top of the note list to see any other Evernote notebooks that have Penultimate notes in them. Additionally, you can search in Evernote for your Penultimate notes. I hope that helps. If not, let us know here and file a support ticket. We will do our best to get back any notes you've written.
  2. When you tap on the paper icon, you should see a collection called "Basic". Under that section you should see custom paper and the ability to add new paper backgrounds.
  3. Have you tried the full screen button in the top right corner of the notes? I'm wondering if that would help a lot of your concern.
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