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  1. I know this is an old topic, but it is still relevant right now as I want to see what the last email I sent out of it was... Frustrating way to find out I can't do it. I haven't worked with the API, but I'm sure the tech boffins could easily do this surely, like someone else said, there has to be some sort of sent folder somewhere doesn't there? Maybe if we keep asking it will go up on their future feature list?
  2. Ok, no problems... I wonder if it will let me write on it? One way to find out I guess!
  3. Annotating in EN is *****, let's face it... I use NotetakerHD on my iPad, but I'm interested in how you use preview on your Mac Scott. Can you draw on it? Or do you type only? I have a Magic Trackpad, if that's of any use?
  4. It's all good Scott, over time it managed to sync all my notes and now it's all synced correctly. Not sure what happened or why, but it's fixed now - ahhh the marvels of technology! Lol
  5. Not sure if I should continue in this thread or start another one, but my problem is BECAUSE I deleted it and re-installed so it might happen to others so I thought it might be worth posting it here... When I re-installed it, it started the sync process, all things were going well, until only 100 odd notes were synced out of my 700 odd on the server... Any idea on how to fix it so all of my notes are on there? I've pressed the sync button until I've work a hole in the screen almost - so I know that doesn't fix it lol. I don't really want to delete and re-install but if that's the end means that gets me my result then so be it...
  6. Not sure if you are still interested, but I have used both, and while the Jot Touch was good, I found that the tip seemed to drag with my matte screen protector. Even though the Script will cost you a kidney no matter which way you look at it, I think it is worth the extra premium. The only thing I will say is that if you usually take notes in a quiet environment, I would think twice about it. It is actually very noisy and could (probably will) be distracting for others. I generally use mine in a convention style environment with hundreds, if not thousands of people and even there it is noisy enough to be conscious of it. YMMV of course?
  7. +1. I tried using it this morning and actually gave up and used notetaker had instead which is a good alternative. Shame because I'd like to keep inside the walled garden that is Evernote...
  8. It's more to do with Apple than Zagg and EN.... I have noticed the same thing, basically it doesn't recognise the word is spelt wrong so it doesn't offer to correct it... Annoying but something you're going to have to live with I think...
  9. Definitely +1! Especially with my writing lol
  10. Are you talking cost being the the premium charge? I think it's cheap for what it does... As for complexity, I don't understand that either. I've found evernote to be extremely easy to use and straightforward across all platforms and devices. Was I just lucky?
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