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(Archived) ✔ Fujitsu (PFU) Scansnap issues



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If you downloaded Evernote from the Mac App Store and have been experiencing issues using your ScanSnap scanner with Evernote, the latest version of the software (3.3.1) was designed to resolve this issue.

Simply update your software via the Appstore and your scanner should work properly again.

If you downloaded Evernote from the Mac App Store and are experiencing issues using your ScanSnap scanner with Evernote, follow the following instructions:

If you have no unsynced (or local) notebooks, complete a sync and then move Evernote to the trash. Then download the standalone version of Evernote here: http://evernote.com/...ile=EvernoteMac All your data will be resynced.

If you have unsynced or local notebooks, you can contact support via the link in my signature.

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some specific instructions on how to set up using your ScanSnap scanner with Evernote might help. I want to stick with the app store version to make the EN5 transition easier.

I also like the principle of sandboxing to protect my data from unauthorized access.

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Hey Jack,

Is there anyway to get that link added to the Downloads section on the website? To avoid confusion, I think most people would understand the following:

Evernote for Mac via App Store

Evernote for Mac

And yes, I should have added the link to Evernote so I didn't have to crawl through the forums looking for it. I know, I know. Doing that now. :)

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Lion 10.7.3

Evernote from App store 3.3.1

Scansnap updated to latest

My Evernote library appears, but I still cannot get scan from my Scansnap into Evernote. It saves the scan to my specified folder, but nothing is in Evernote.

I tried the suggested version from outside the Mac Store, but it wouldn't sync with my library or allow me to create notes.

This is very disappointing. I am a teacher and was really hoping to use this for student portfolios and unless it gets fixed soon I'll need to scrap the idea completely.

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I finally got it to work. Apparently, there were some incomplete file deletions on another hard drive partition I am sharing with myself. Thanks for your help. Why would Evernote allow an app to be sand boxed to the point that it does not work?

One more question: How can I auto update this version as I am sure that I don't want to update from the App store as it will be a sand boxed version? I assume I will have to update manually with each new version.....

Righteousdork: I had to try the link a few times before it took me to the non app store version. The link above will work. Wheeeewwwww.

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Nice to have this confirmed. I like using the Mac App Store but with all the security additions to Mountain Lion and the restrictions on Apps, I was afraid this might happen. One thing I noticed on the website though is that there doesn't appear to be a direct link to the standalone Evernote client. Just the App Store version. Or maybe I missed it. Ok...giving this a shot now.

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Ancible is right, I have reinstalled three times and no resolution. This Mountain Lion "downgrade" has ruined this application and I am sorry I upgraded. I am running the latest ScanSnap drivers and Evernote 3.3.0 for MAC. ScanSnap is scanning and saving the files to my ScanSnap folder on my hard drive, but it is not migrating into Evernote. This sucks. I hope the programmers are going to be able to fix this or I will have to cancel my premium account and find a new solution which I dread doing.

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That link takes me back to the Mac App Store?

I've also had the "can't Save PDF to Evernote" problem and the Evernote recommended solution was to download a version of Evernote direct from the Evernote website. But that version isn't solving the ScanSnap issue.

Which version should I use if I don't want either the "Save PDF to Evernote" or Scansnap issues?

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