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  1. Just want to chime in to say this post worked for me. Thanks lylegray. iMac running 10.15.2 Catalina. Scansnap 1300i. Scansnap Home software. This is now working pretty much as it used to with the original s1300i scan to evernote setup.
  2. To update and clarify. There's 2 email addresses ... I think Wern and I were not talking about the same email address. The inbound email address ... you send email to this address and it becomes a new note in Evernote ... I didn't want to change this address, but I suspect this is what Wern was suggesting I could change if I contacted support The outbound email address ... in the Mac client I can send "Share" a note via email ... I wanted to change the outbound email address for these emails. And from playing around in the web version - https://www.evernote...Settings.action - I was able to change this email address in the Personal Settings tab. Didn't need to contact support. So, problem solved. Appreciate your help Wern. Hope this clarification helps someone else sometime! Richard
  3. Hi gazumped I have the same question as allismack. Your answer suggests that this might be possible, just not "that easily" ... ideally I'd like to be able to choose which email account I use to send the note from each time I send a note, but if that's not possible I'd just like to change to a different default email address. Is it worth contacting support? Thanks for any help, Richard
  4. That link takes me back to the Mac App Store? I've also had the "can't Save PDF to Evernote" problem and the Evernote recommended solution was to download a version of Evernote direct from the Evernote website. But that version isn't solving the ScanSnap issue. Which version should I use if I don't want either the "Save PDF to Evernote" or Scansnap issues?
  5. Evernote People (assuming you monitor the forums) - Any update on the problems with Mac App Store Evernote v3.3 and "Print PDF to Evernote"? Any progress over the last few days?
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