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  1. on random intervals I go thought the notebook and tag lists and give my delete key a workout.
  2. I believe there are apps designed for flash cards. you might hunt around
  3. add my vote for this one. pick it up in the next release
  4. make it a choice in preferences. like HTML list options
  5. what I do is to position my cursor to the right of the tag and then press the delete key give it a try
  6. have you done the "obvious" with disk utility? ===Repair Disk ===Repair disk permissions
  7. Let it go. The image will "apear"
  9. how about sending all mail to a special notebook. Mine is "aaaaaa". Easy enough to redirect to another notebook.
  10. GrumpyMonkey is correct. MacOS has some good options for encryption You might want to search the App Store to see if there are any options for encrypting specific files or folders
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