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(Archived) Bulleted/numbered lists don't work - SHOWSTOPPER!!


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Please fix the bulleted/numbered lists!!

The bugs are numerous, but basically, get it to work reliably as most other RTF editors I've seen so that hitting tab or shift-tab DOES WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO!!

Please, don't make me explain this as it should be VERY OBVIOUS to the most casual observer - the lists are broken, I use them EXTENSIVELY in my notes AND THUS it renders your application useless!!



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Bulleted lists have known issues that EN is aware of. This has been discussed here in the forum many times.

Some issues have been fixed but not all.

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Are you running the latest version of Evernote (try Help -> Check for Updates)? We've made a lot of improvements recently (around the 4.5.5 or 4.5.6 timeframe, from what I recall).

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basically, this is a feature that cannot be ignored because it is part of the core functionality of the application along with all the editor functionality. I also noticed that, possibly with the recent upgrade, the font selection looks a bit 'rough' around the edges - and it really needs to have the most recently used 5 or 6 fonts positioned at the top followed by a divider.

Seriously though, an application geared at helping people organize, synchronize and share their information should be very solid in the core features including the ability to edit notes without screaming every time the nested bullet or numbered list gets borked - which is pretty much any time you try to change an indentation level or move things around. I'm been a software developer for about 27 years so I understand there are challenges in any project. But I am keenly aware of the impact that a flawed application can have on users when those flaws are showstoppers. I organize my project notes using your application and have wasted countless hours fixing my broken lists. Today I basically threw my hands up and started looking for something else.

I would much rather have you COMMIT to fixing this in your next release.



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Hi there,

as you can see, this is indeed a little annoying.


Please note in this example that lines having only bullet points are practically non-existent for EN. When I'm moving the cursor from one line to another, it skips the lines that have only bullet points.

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Well, this is just awesome. I was creating new notes for a certification exam that I have Monday. It was creating numbered lists beautifully in the web app (even though it won't in the Windows app). Then, I wanted to add a picture from Android, I opened it, took a picture to add to the note, and when I went back to the web notes, my long, carefully created note has reverted EVERY SINGLE NUMBER IN EVERY SINGLE LIST TO A ONE. I have hours of work that was just effectively trashed. I am fuming at this point.

Pretty sure I am heading back to One Note now.

EDIT: Fought with the formatting for a while. Gave up. Pasted in to One Note, and had it fixed in less than a minute. HA. No more Evernote.

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Well, I just switched to Evernote from OneNote because it seems so much better in many ways. Spent ages importing loads of notes...

But numbered lists are just appallingly done. This needs to be built up from scratch it's so bad! So I've given up and am going back to OneNote. Disappointed in many ways, but it was destroying my productivity...

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I completely concur. Bulleted/numbered lists has been broken in evernote *forever.* I use desktop version on both PC and Mac, and always updated to the latest version within a day. And it has remained broken forever. The most egregious bug is that it seems to get very messed up with (1) multiple indent levels, (2) when trying to cut/paste within the list, (3) deleting in general. The bug will then have many manifestations, but the most common is a weird "space" in the bullet list that can't be corrected/deleted - it becomes a persistent gap/space. Further, indentation levels get messed up.

I obviously concur 100% that this is an inexcusable bug. The core functionality of evernote is organization and note taking (everNOTE), and bulleted lists are one of the core ways of doing this.

For those out there for whom bulleted lists is one of the main things they want to use evernote for, I suggest you take a look at workflowy.com/. Best web-based note taking / bulleted list tool I've ever seen. And evernote, you should seriously consider buying them. Or at least fix this very basic feature fast!

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Throwing my hat into the ring here as someone THOROUGHLY frustrated with this set of bugs. Lists are one of the most used features in ANY note taking app and in EN they are barely functional. Don't even mention trying to paste a list from EN into any other app...

The latest funky bug I saw crop up in one of the recent releases was a gem: Indent a bullet in a list, and one of the random preceeding bulltets (3,4,7 bullets previous to it) all of a sudden changes its font to Cyrillic or Symbol...MADNESS!

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I feel like it has maybe gotten *a little* better since the new Mac client was released. Still definitely not fixed though.

It is ridiculous that a company with the resources of EN hasn't fixed such a basic and seemingly core part of their product. This is not a scrappy start-up that just launched and has like 2 eng. Nor is this some esoteric feature request. This is making lists and NOTEs in your NOTE-taking app that has been out for >5 years.

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