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  1. Oh, please actually hear us I've been waiting for improvements forever... Just today I had to use bulleted lists - and almost went mad with all those bugs. The whole lists thing is really pretty much unusable. I'm thinking about making a screencast just to show you all the ridiculous problems I'm having with it...
  2. Hi there, as you can see, this is indeed a little annoying. Please note in this example that lines having only bullet points are practically non-existent for EN. When I'm moving the cursor from one line to another, it skips the lines that have only bullet points.
  3. BurgersNFries, that's what I was talking about when I was saying This principle is used in Dropbox, those guys explain it pretty well over there. I don't know if EN works like this, but if it does, immediate syncing wouldn't make too big of an impact on one's upload limit.
  4. Thanks all for your replies! My workflow is similar to butty's, because I usually just fire up EN, throw in some information and then immediately close the EN window again. So from time to time notes won't get synced at all. This happens especially often when I'm editing notes just before shutting down the computer. I think being able to set a higher sync frequency (at least higher then after 15 minutes) might help as well. Just to be clear - I'm not considering this a vital problem, just a minor annoyance.
  5. Hi there, I think this has been covered somewhere else before, but I just wanted to say this: I would greatly appreciate some kind of "immediate sync" implementation similar to the iPhone app. (Which, for all non-mobile users, syncs as soon as you exit from note-editing mode.) I could imagine the desktop version syncing as soon as one of the following conditions apply: not entering anything into the note window for a couple seconds switching from one note to another closing/minimizing the EN window (or the client altogether) This would make my life a lot easier because I wouldn't have to worry about unsynced notes anymore. I think this has to be made optionally due to upload allowances being relevant for people with big notes etc. (but even then - if EN's upload allowance is calculated intelligently (which I believe is the case) it wouldn't make too big of an impact if you, say, had a note with big attachments and you just change a bit of text in it). The latest beta which at least asks you before exiting if you have unsynced notes is definitely a step in the right direction, but I'm hoping that the whole syncing process will be made easier in the future. (By the way, when will 4.5.2 be released? Last thread post about this is 2 weeks ago...) Thanks for taking notice and all the best! Al
  6. I have to take sides with Dahen and luckman212. I like to have a descriptive note title, not the first line of the note because that's completely redundant. In the current version, I always have to change the note title manually (which requires more keystrokes than entering a title in an empty field). Personally I would favor the following behavior (which I believe was standard in 3.5): When I'm creating a new note, focus on the note title first so I can enter the title directly, and then switch to the note body via . This would prevent the automatic title recognition to kick in because I have already set the note title. But seeing that others like to handle this differently, what about making it optional in the settings? Something like "New note: Focus on title first" and "Focus on body first". That could potentially meet everyone's taste.
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