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  1. Janik ... I can recommend workflowy.com for cloud-based bullet point lists. 100% reliable in my experience and has some slick features like really good collapse/expand of subbranches, double-click to make a given bullet sub-branch become the full-screen view, tagging and filtering via tags, sharing, and more. Not an evernote replacement obviously, but if you need really good and reliable bullet-point lists in a webapp give workflowy a try (free).
  2. I've been a user of Evernote for years, and have been a vocal advocate of it to my friends. I'm reaching the breaking point with some of it's bugs though, with the most frustrating being bulleted/numbered lists. Bulleted/numbered lists has been broken in evernote *forever.* I use desktop version on both PC and Mac, and always updated to the latest version within a day. And it has remained broken forever on both. The most egregious bug is that it seems to get very messed up with (1) multiple indent levels, (2) when trying to cut/paste within the list, (3) deleting in general. (Those are n
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