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  1. Throwing my hat into the ring here as someone THOROUGHLY frustrated with this set of bugs. Lists are one of the most used features in ANY note taking app and in EN they are barely functional. Don't even mention trying to paste a list from EN into any other app... The latest funky bug I saw crop up in one of the recent releases was a gem: Indent a bullet in a list, and one of the random preceeding bulltets (3,4,7 bullets previous to it) all of a sudden changes its font to Cyrillic or Symbol...MADNESS!
  2. Agreed - they're a nightmare; and one of the most used features. How can something this basic be broken? I thought we sorted out these sorts of issues in the mid-90s
  3. I'll add my voice to the frustration here. While editing and cutting and pasting bullets within a note is often buggy, the WORST is when you then try and past that list into another applications, such as outlook (Mac or Windows) It's INCREDIBLY unpredictable - you get different fonts per bullet, different font sizes, extra bullets after each bullet indentation. Really it's crazy. I end up spending 5 minutes cleaning up formatting on lists every time I have to past them into another application. Please fix on both the Mac and Windows sides...
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