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  1. *****!! why the ***** is this broken still!!! I'm paying for this *****. NOT MUCH LONGER. FIX THIS OR I'M OUTA HERE.
  2. Still bugs in numbered lists. I'm paying a monthly subscription for this? Any time a numbered list has any changes, the number below that change is restarted for no apparent reason. This is VERY easily reproduced. Please fix this. thanks.
  3. basically, this is a feature that cannot be ignored because it is part of the core functionality of the application along with all the editor functionality. I also noticed that, possibly with the recent upgrade, the font selection looks a bit 'rough' around the edges - and it really needs to have the most recently used 5 or 6 fonts positioned at the top followed by a divider. Seriously though, an application geared at helping people organize, synchronize and share their information should be very solid in the core features including the ability to edit notes without screaming every time the nested bullet or numbered list gets borked - which is pretty much any time you try to change an indentation level or move things around. I'm been a software developer for about 27 years so I understand there are challenges in any project. But I am keenly aware of the impact that a flawed application can have on users when those flaws are showstoppers. I organize my project notes using your application and have wasted countless hours fixing my broken lists. Today I basically threw my hands up and started looking for something else. I would much rather have you COMMIT to fixing this in your next release. thanks. Jorel
  4. Please fix the bulleted/numbered lists!! The bugs are numerous, but basically, get it to work reliably as most other RTF editors I've seen so that hitting tab or shift-tab DOES WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO!! Please, don't make me explain this as it should be VERY OBVIOUS to the most casual observer - the lists are broken, I use them EXTENSIVELY in my notes AND THUS it renders your application useless!! thanks, Joel
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