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Easily editing the title of a note


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When I create a new note, the cursor is automatically put into the note content. To edit the title, I have to manually click on the note title bar.

Is it possible to make Evernote focus on the note title once a new note is created?

If not, is there a keyboard shortcut to switch to the note title quickly?

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Pressing F2 will move focus from the note body to the note title. BTW, if you don't explicitly specify note title, it will be automatically generated from the first line of the note body,


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Hi thameera,

Navigating the EN interface is (I think) a rather underdocumented thing. Yes, there are a few documented shortcuts, like the aforementioned F2 to get to the note title, however there are others that are not.

For instance, is there a way to go from the search bar, to the note list, then to the note title and then the note?

Yes. You just have to know the keys to press ;)

One example: if you select a note in the note list, Tab will take you to the title.

See the image in this note to see some of the more useful shortcuts that I have found:



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Thanks both of you! It seems that F2 takes you to the title wherever you are and Tab or Enter takes you to the content. Life just became easier.

And Scott, the notebook you linked to seems to be quite handy. Thanks a lot! :)

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I've found only Tab and Esc combinations can help me get in and out of note title and into body text - if I am in the regular view mode (with notebook list, note list, and note). If I'm in a separate, independent note view, they don't work.


F2 does nothing for me. I don't know why. Why is everyone talking about F2? I swear it does not work for me. Can someone tell me why?


⌘ + L I think is a Mac command - isn't it? I don't see a key ⌘ on my keyboard for Windows computer.


I tried Win + L but that only logged me off from the Windows session. 


I really want to find out shortcuts for these - I even contacted Evernote chat session which weren't very helpful. The representative did not even know about Tab and Esc in the regular view mode.

If anyone knows anything about this, please share. Thanks.

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My experience is, in the Windows native Evernote client, in either the main application or the separate note window:

* F2 will put you in the note title area, with the current title (if any) selected.
* If you are editing the note title, Esc or Enter will put you back into the note body, at the location where you were before.

In the separate Window, if you're in the note body, Esc will close the window.

With respect to ⌘ + L: that was in response to a Mac user; you probably do not have a ⌘ key on your keyboard if you're a Windows user (though I won't testify that you cannot use a Mac keyboard with a Windows machine, but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3ZOKDmorj0).

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F2 doesn't work for me (on Windows 8.1) either. Is it possible this feature has recently broken or is OS specific? I think right now it's my #1 Evernote desire!


Edit: it is possible at least to change evernote such that the default focus of a new note is on the title, which addresses most of my use cases. See the following, with thanks to spgscott https://www.evernote.com/pub/spgscott/evernote5help

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F2 finally worked for me once I RESTARTED Evernote. I had another related thread and somebody suggested this very simple solution.  I hope this trick works for you too!


Hahaha - I had to restart to apply the registry setting for default focus and now it's working for me too!



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