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(Archived) Why 3 'names' + 1 avatar per member?

Guest mrossk

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Guest mrossk

I was a little confused as a saw this new forum the first time because of the different usernames that are shown in every user-entry and over the time I have seen that others are having the same problems and mix up the name and the status ever and anon.


The user "engberg" shows "Evernote Employee" and "Evernote Employee".

The user "JasonMasterNotePI" shows "Member" and "Members".

The user "gazumped" is often adressed as "Bushwhacker" even this is not his username.

This makes no sense for me.

I would suggest to disable the names above the avatars. I think they are not really needed and make the forum unneccessary complicated.

People that are visiting this forum often have already problems with evernote and so this forum shoud be as clearly as possible and not confuse them additionally.


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This isn't such a big deal to me, though I seem to be one of the few who bother correcting people who use 'Bushwhacker' (this is the user's 'Member Title', not their name -- I think that you can change it to whatever if you hit a certain post count) instead of the user's name. The other field is the user's 'Group', not their name. Most people get it right off anyways, and some people don't mind being called 'Bushwhacker' or 'Browncoat' or whatever, as near as I can tell.

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Just to clarify, the name on top (in Green), is the user's name. The next name (above their avatar), is their title. The name below that is the Group they're a member of.

This is actually pretty common for forums to display, at least for all the ones I've ever been to. If you have a forum that you'd like us to examine to make things easier, we'll be happy to consider changing the way we display the avatars and all that.

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This is why Heather is rated as "Awesome". Though Jefito seems to have hit "Fanatically Awesome" new heights in his likes. Way to go Jefito!

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