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Dose evernote have a night mode?

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I'm wondering if evernot would offer a funtion of night mode?

I like reading in the dark through my pad(android) and a nihgt mode would be better for eyes!!!!

The New Presentation Mode

This mode is available for free users for a 30 day trial.


Pros :

  1. Beautiful Presentation Display
  2. Auto Slide Generation which splits a note into parts.
  3. Intuitive laser point cursor with a glowing tail (trails with movement) which allows you to highlight a part of the file
  4. 4 way navigation from inside the presentation mode- up and down for moving within the same note file, left and right for shift between notes within the same notebook.
  5. Night Mode. Inverts background and text colors without affecting any color media (images etc retain their original form)

Cons :

  • Free just for 30 days 
  • Night mode only can be used within the presentation mode, and not outside while editing/creating notes.

Note : I read somewhere that a proper full fledged night mode is available for Mac version of Evernote)



a. Third Party Windows App

A wholesome Windows alternative is : get an app like Negative Screen. 

  1. It works beautifully and since it changes/inverts the monitor/ screens colors itself, it works across all apps, whether inside windows or while browsing.
  2. It remains running in the background so you can switch colors anytime you want.
  3. There are over 10 different modes like sepia, grayscale and other modes of inverting colors with the combination of shortcuts so if you want to resume doing any activity which involves pictures or anything detailed and colorful media you can just use a keyboard shortcut to change modes and resume default viewing(by default it is -win+alt+n to enable/disable) I already switched twice, from normal viewing to a negative sepia mode which i find works best while writing/reading- soft white text on soft black/gray background, all smoothly, without any hiccups, while typing this message. 

b. If you don't want an app, use one of those high contrast themes through desktop => right-click => personalize and apply one of the high contrast themes. But this is applied only to windows and specific windows apps ( i don't know which all). But it is very effective and works wonderfully inside windows and apps like notepad etc. So inside Evernote you will be straining your eyes out (if you use the app extensively like me, for a lot of notetaking/writing) in front of a bright white screen unless you are in the presentation mode or have a Mac(needs citation/verification). 

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Night mood substitute

I use the app Trigger (Android) in my phone and tablet and change the screen light twice a day.

The is a lot of apps doing the same (search in Google Play or App Store)

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